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5 Tips to Win Your Placement Games and Climb the Ranked Ladder

Introduction Placements can feel like an absolute nightmare to play – all the pressure is on you, and everybody's excited to start the new season…

Soul Fighter Cosplay Guide: Samira, Sett, Pyke, Lux, Draven & more

From the far reaches of the world, individuals with awakened souls have been summoned to participate in the awe-inspiring Tournament of Souls! This t…

3 Best CHAMPIONS to Escape Low ELO in Every ROLE

Welcome back, everyone, to a brand new update on the best Champions to escape low ELO. In this guide, we will provide you with three champions for ev…

How to Choose Your MAIN Champion in Season 14 - League of Legends

In today's guide, we're going to help you find your MAIN Champion with over 160 different Champions to pick from in season 14. It can be a b…


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