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NEW Streak Event Explained - Get Daily FREE Rewards in Clash of Clans

New Streak Event Explained | ModLegends The Streak Even t is a daily reward track that you progress through with multiplayer attacks. This is a compl…

NEW Pet ANGRY JELLY and NEW Defense Level in the Update 2024: Clash of Clans

New Pet Angry Jelly and New Defense Level  Introduction A New Pet: Angry Jelly , will make your Heroes defense targeting. I will cover all of the spe…

New Rocket Balloon Spotlight Event Guide: You Must Know (Clash of Clans)

The Rocket Balloon Spotlight Event  is unique, as you can claim more ore to help with your hero equipment upgrades. Let's tell you everything you…

New Rocket Balloon Spotlight Event: Free 150 Ice Cube and 150 Super Medal Link Included

The Clash team is back with another exciting Super Troop' Rocket Balloon Spotlight Event , responding to feedback from players like you. This tim…
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