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Best TH16 War Base Layouts with Links for 2024: You MUST Try

Discover the top TH16 war base layouts for 2024 with helpful links to try out. Find the best strategies to dominate in war.
Top TH16 War Base Layouts for 2024 with recommended links. A must-try for all players!
Best TH16 Base Layouts
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In the evolving landscape of Clash of Clans, reaching and fortifying Town Hall 16 (TH16) has become a pivotal milestone for dedicated players. With each new level comes the challenge of designing a base that can withstand the onslaught of enemies, ensuring the protection of resources and securing valuable trophies. The significance of selecting the right TH16 base cannot be overstated, as it plays a crucial role in a clan's success in war, farming efficiency, and trophy hunting. As players continuously seek the best TH16 base layouts to fortify their defenses and outsmart opponents, the demand for innovative and effective design strategies has never been higher.

This article delves into the crux of the matter, offering an insightful guide on the best Clash of Clans TH16 base layouts available for 2024. It aims to provide Clash of Clans enthusiasts with a comprehensive array of options, including meticulously crafted TH16 war base layouts with links for easy copying, TH16 farming bases designed for optimum resource protection, trophy bases that prioritize defensive strength, and hybrid bases that offer a balanced approach to both offense and defense. By exploring these top picks, players will have the resources they need to elevate their gameplay, protect their assets, and achieve dominance in the competitive arena of COC TH16.

Best TH16 WAR Bases with Links 2024 - Town Hall 16 Layouts for Clash of Clans

Best TH16 FARM Bases with Links 2024 - Town Hall 16 Layouts for Clash of Clans




Best TH16 War Bases with Links

Overview of War Bases

At Town Hall 16, players gain access to Merged Defense Buildings and a New Pet, enhancing their strategic options in Clash of Clans. The TH16 war bases are meticulously designed to maximize defense by utilizing Anti Everything, Anti 2 Stars, Anti 3 Stars, and specific setups like Anti GoWiPe and Anti Loot strategies. These bases are crucial for players participating in Clan Wars League (CWL) and those aiming to protect their resources and trophies from high-level attacks.

Top War Base Designs for TH16

  1. Anti-Everything TH16 War Base

    • This base layout is renowned for its robust defense against various attack strategies. It has proven its effectiveness by withstanding multiple high-level attacks from one of the top clans, showcasing its capability to handle Root Riders, Super Archer Clone Blimps, and E-Dragons.
    • Key Features:
      • Strategic placement of SAMs (Seeking Air Mines) and Giant Bombs to counter Super Archer Clone Blimps.
      • Sweepers positioned to push E-Dragons away from core areas, ensuring they remain within the poison tower's range.
      • Flexible design allowing for trap adjustments based on opponent attack patterns, enhancing adaptability during wars.
  2. CWL Specialized TH16 War Base

    • Designed specifically for Clan Wars League, this base focuses on protecting the Town Hall with a layout that discourages enemy penetration and maximizes defensive coverage.
    • Key Features:
      • Utilizes a combination of rage and poison towers near the core to disrupt and weaken enemy troops.
      • Regular updates and strategic trap placements provide a dynamic defense that adapulates to evolving attack strategies.
  3. Legendary TH16 War Base

    • A base that combines aesthetics with functionality, offering not only strong defense but also innovative designs that include Troll, Art, and Progress layouts.
    • Key Features:
      • Incorporates unique trap configurations and defensive structures that challenge conventional attack strategies.
      • Designed to be both visually appealing and highly effective in war scenarios.

Tips for Successful War Bases

  • Regular Updates and Adaptations: Continuously update the layout and adapt the base according to the latest attack trends and troop upgrades available in Clash of Clans.
  • Strategic Trap Placement: Position traps such as SAMs, Giant Bombs, and Tornado Traps in locations where they can cause maximum disruption to enemy attack plans.
  • Clan Castle Troop Selection: Opt for defensive troops like Triple Ice Golems in the Clan Castle to delay enemy forces, giving your defenses more time to act.
  • Utilize New Features: Take full advantage of new defenses and the unique abilities of the new Pet at TH16 to enhance your base's defensive capabilities.

By employing these strategies and choosing from the top TH16 war base designs, players can significantly improve their performance in Clan Wars, ensuring their village remains secure against high-level adversaries.

Best TH16 Farming Bases with Links

Overview of Farming Bases

At Town Hall 16, players are equipped with Merged Defense Buildings and a New Pet, enhancing their capabilities in Clash of Clans. For those focused on optimizing resource collection, the TH16 farming bases are designed to safeguard resources while minimizing losses during attacks. These bases are crucial for maintaining steady progress in the game by protecting the loot from frequent raider attacks.

Top Farming Base Designs for TH16

  1. Anti-Two Star Ring Base

    • Ideal for both trophy pushing and farming, this base layout is designed to confuse and slow down attackers, ensuring that resources are well-protected.
    • Key Features:
      • The ring structure disperses resources to prevent total loot loss in a single attack.
      • Strategic placement of defenses to maximize protection against common attack strategies.
  2. Multi-Sectional Base

    • This unique design divides the base into multiple sections, making it difficult for attackers to access all resources.
    • Key Features:
      • Centralized Town Hall to lure attackers, while resources are safely stored in different sections.
      • Compartmentalized defenses enhance the base’s ability to defend against multiple attack angles.
  3.  Hybrid Base

    • A versatile base that excels in both defending resources and maintaining trophy count, suitable for players who engage in both farming and competitive play.
    • Key Features:
      • Balanced layout with evenly distributed resources and defenses to handle a variety of attack strategies.
      • Effective use of traps and the New Pet to disrupt and weaken attacking troops.

Tips for Effective Farming

  • Regular Base Updates: To keep up with the evolving strategies, it is crucial to regularly update the base layout and adapt to the latest troop upgrades and attack trends in Clash of Clans.
  • Strategic Resource Placement: Distribute resources across different compartments to reduce the risk of losing all loot in one go. This tactic forces attackers to commit more troops and time, potentially saving a significant portion of resources.
  • Optimal Defense Utilization: Leverage the strengths of Merged Defense Buildings and the New Pet to create a robust defensive perimeter around critical areas such as resource storages and the Town Hall.

By incorporating these designs and strategies into their gameplay, players can effectively enhance their farming efficiency at TH16, ensuring a steady accumulation of resources necessary for upgrades and troop training.

Best TH16 Trophy Bases with Links

Overview of Trophy Bases

At Town Hall 16, trophy bases are specifically designed for multiplayer battles, where the primary goal is to safeguard trophies—those shiny symbols of victory. These bases are crucial for players who aim to climb the trophy ladder, as higher ranks unlock substantial rewards and bonuses, enhancing the village's overall capabilities and aesthetics. Trophy bases not only help in amassing loot but also play a significant role in showcasing a player's prowess, contributing to their clan's reputation and their standing on global leaderboards.

Top Trophy Base Designs for TH16

  1. Anti-2 Town Hall 16 Trophy Push Base
    • This base layout is engineered to maximize defense, making it extremely difficult for attackers to secure a second star. It's particularly effective in multiplayer settings where protecting the Town Hall and trophies is paramount.
    • Key Features:
      • Strategic placement of Clan Castle troops, including double Ice Golem, double Head Hunter, and four Archers, to disrupt enemy attacks.
      • Ingenious use of asymmetrical design and double rage setups to counter Queen Charge and Super Archer strategies, despite the recent nerfs to rage radius.
  2. Innovative TH16 Trophy Base
  • Designed to thwart various attacking strategies, this base layout uses a combination of Multi-Target Inferno Towers and Roasters to increase the spell investment required by attackers, thus protecting key defensive units.
  • Key Features:
    • Tornado traps and air bombs are strategically placed near the Town Hall to disrupt LavaLoon and other air attacks.
    • Red Air Bombs and Air Defense systems are positioned to quickly take down enemy healers, preserving the base's integrity.

  1. Dynamic TH16 Trophy Base

  • A versatile base that adapts to various attack patterns, ensuring high trophy retention and making it a formidable challenge for attackers.
  • Key Features:
    • Meticulously arranged defenses that disrupt conventional attack strategies, forcing attackers to invest more resources and time.
    • Regular updates to trap placements and defensive strategies to keep up with evolving game dynamics.

Tips for Trophy Pushing

  • Regular Base Revisions: Continuously update and adapt your base layout to respond to new attacking trends and troop upgrades in Clash of Clans. This keeps your defenses fresh and unpredictable.
  • Strategic Defense Allocation: Place critical defenses such as Inferno Towers and Eagle Artilleries in positions that maximize their impact and cover key areas of the base.
  • Clan Castle Troop Composition: Opt for a mix of troops that can provide both ground and air defense, complicating the attacker's strategy and increasing the chances of defending successfully.

By employing these trophy base designs and strategies, players can effectively climb the Trophy Ladder in Clash of Clans, securing their position and reaping the rewards that come with higher trophy counts.

Best TH16 Hybrid Bases with Links

Overview of Hybrid Bases

At Town Hall 16, players are granted access to Merged Defense Buildings and a New Pet, enhancing their strategic capabilities in Clash of Clans. Hybrid bases at this level are designed to offer a versatile approach, balancing both offensive and defensive needs. These bases are ideal for players who engage in both Clan Wars League and regular defensive play, providing a solid foundation against a variety of attack strategies.

Top Hybrid Base Designs for TH16

  1. Versatile Defender TH16 Hybrid Base

    • This base is a masterclass in balancing the need for resource protection while maintaining a strong defensive stance for trophy pushing.
    • Key Features:
      • Strategic placement of defenses ensures optimal coverage against both air and ground attacks.
      • The layout includes multiple compartments, confusing enemy pathing and protecting key resources and the Town Hall.
  2. All-Rounder TH16 Hybrid Base

    • Engineered to adapt to various attack styles, this base layout uses an innovative design to protect resources while still being formidable in war scenarios.
    • Key Features:
      • A central core with high-value defenses to deter enemy penetration.
      • Smart trap placement that enhances the base’s ability to withstand siege machines and hero abilities.
  3. Fortress Style TH16 Hybrid Base

    • Combining elements of war and farming layouts, this base is built to safeguard trophies and resources effectively.
    • Key Features:
      • Heavy fortification around the Town Hall to prevent easy star gains by opponents.
      • Well-distributed storage compartments to minimize loot loss during attacks.

Tips for Multi-purpose Bases

  • Dynamic Layout Adjustments: Regularly tweak the base layout to counter the latest attack strategies and troop compositions in Clash of Clans. This helps in staying ahead of attackers who might have studied your base from previous encounters.
  • Balanced Defense Distribution: Ensure that defenses are evenly spread to cover all potential entry points and target a mix of air and ground troops effectively.
  • Efficient Resource Management: Position resource storages in a way that they are defended but also bait attackers into unfavorable paths, maximizing the defensive capabilities of the base.

By integrating these hybrid base designs and tips into their strategy, players can create a TH16 base that excels in both defending and resource management, making it a formidable challenge for any attacker.


As we navigate through the myriad of strategies and layouts for Town Hall 16, the salient point remains that the effectiveness of a base—be it for war, farming, trophy hunting, or a hybrid approach—hinges on thoughtful planning and regular adjustments. The meticulously crafted base designs shared herein not just aim to bolster defenses but also enrich players' overall experience in Clash of Clans. By adopting these thoroughly considered layouts and incorporating the suggested strategies, players stand to not only protect their resources and trophies but also to elevate their gameplay, marking their presence significantly in the competitive arena of COC TH16.

The journey to optimizing your TH16 base is ongoing, reflecting the dynamic nature of Clash of Clans. Embracing change, staying updated with the latest game developments, and continuously tweaking your base layout are crucial to staying ahead. Moreover, the broader implications of these practices extend beyond individual success; they contribute to the clan's collective achievements in wars and leagues. As players integrate these strategies into their base designs, they not only fortify their own villages but also enhance their contributions to their clans, fortifying their positions both on the battlefield and within their community.


What are the best types of bases in Clash of Clans?

The choice of base type in Clash of Clans should align with your strategic goals. For safeguarding resources, a farming base is ideal, whereas a trophy base is better suited for protecting trophies. A hybrid base is designed to defend both resources and trophies effectively. It is advisable to position splash damage buildings near the center of your base for optimal defense.

Is it possible to copy a war base layout in Clash of Clans?

Yes, copying a war base layout in Clash of Clans is feasible. In the Layout Editor, navigate to the “War Base” tab, select the desired war base layout, and then click the “Copy Layout” button. This action will duplicate the chosen war base layout for your use.

How can I design an effective war base in Clash of Clans?

Designing an effective war base in Clash of Clans involves several key strategies:

  • Ensure the Town Hall is well-protected as it is the highest priority.
  • The Clan Castle should be centrally located and difficult to "pull".
  • Incorporate multiple compartments (pockets) in the base to enhance funneling.
  • Position Mortars and Air Defenses to cover a broad area.
  • Wizard Towers should be strategically placed to protect Mortars and Air Defenses effectively.

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