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New Rocket Balloon Spotlight Event Guide: You Must Know (Clash of Clans)

Discover the ultimate guide to the new Rocket Balloon Spotlight Event in Clash of Clans. Everything you need to know in one place!
New Rocket Balloon Spotlight Event Guide: Everything you need to know about this Clash of Clans event.
The Rocket Balloon Spotlight Event is unique, as you can claim more ore to help with your hero equipment upgrades. Let's tell you everything you need to know. The event will run from April the 11th for 11 days, but you will have one extra day after the event has finished to spend any of your medals in the trader shop.


New Rocket Balloon Spotlight Event Guide: Everything you need to know about this Clash of Clans event.
When you first enter, you will be given a welcome screen to the Rocket Balloon Spotlight event. It works exactly the same as the previous Super Dragon event. You will earn ice cubes by gaining stars in multiplayer battles. Some ice cubes will be available each day from the Super Ice Bath.

Collecting Ice Cubes for Medals

New Rocket Balloon Spotlight Event Guide: Everything you need to know about this Clash of Clans event.
You will need to collect ice cubes to get the medals. Just by claiming your initial 100 ice cubes will give you enough points to unlock the Rocket Balloon. This is not based on the level of your laboratory, which is how super troops normally work. It is based on your Town Hall level. So, yes, a Town Hall level 8 and above can use the Rocket Balloon during this event.

If you are below a Town Hall level 11, you won't see the Super Troop Sauna. You will just automatically have the Rocket Balloon in your Army list once you have claimed it.
New Rocket Balloon Spotlight Event Guide: Everything you need to know about this Clash of Clans event.
 During this time, a Town Hall 11 and above would be able to boost three super troops. A Town Hall 11 doesn't normally have access to the Rocket Balloon. I will give you some recommendations for Army compositions during this event. I would not spend your Dark Elixir boosting the Rocket Balloon if you're reading this article the day it is released because tomorrow when the event is active, you won't get a refund on that Dark Elixir.

Event Progression and Boosting Super Troops

Sticking to the event track for the moment, though, as ever, you can gem through this. But the idea is you will progress through the attack by earning your ice cubes. You can actually get all 10,000 ice cubes in less than 15 attacks. This allows you to collect all of the items on the free side of the pass, which does include the 30% training boost and your decoration.
Rocket Balloon Spotlight Event Rewards 
You can claim the rewards on the upper side of the track by purchasing the event pass. This does actually give you an extra 800 ice cubes and an extra decoration. But the main thing is that you get an extra 5,000 super troop medals over that of the free pass, an extra 600 glowy ore, and 80 Starry Ore for those hero equipment upgrades. It is massively worth it, especially this month when we can spend the extra medals on.

There is still a bonus track this month, but it is smaller so that it doesn't feel as grindy. But as a consequence of that, we do gain fewer medals. This means from a free-to-play perspective, you can gain up to 3,800 super troop medals.

Attack Strategy

New Rocket Balloon Spotlight Event Guide: Everything you need to know about this Clash of Clans event.
I would say, since it is less grindy, you should try and complete the bonus track. It doesn't matter what league you are in; you will still be able to earn up to 450 ice cubes for a three-star attack, so 150 for every star that you get. However, you will gain an extra 50% of this just by using a rocket balloon. It doesn't even have to be in your army; you can take the rocket balloon inside the clan castle just like last time.

Since your attacks are limited in Legends League, you will get a slight bonus, but you should be able to complete the event across its duration no problem. Before I gave a couple of army recommendations, though, let's have a quick look in the trader shop. Since there is no epic equipment this time around, and I do want to thank Supercell for listening to our feedback and allowing us to catch up with some, there are extra ore offers in the shop. Clearly, you can see that when you purchase the larger amounts of ore with your medals, you get more ore per medal. So, these are the ones I would recommend at the top. From a free-to-play perspective, it is probably the glowy ore that you're going to need, and you can get both of those with your medals. However, this will be slightly customized depending on what it is that you need for your upgrades.
New Rocket Balloon Spotlight Event Guide: Everything you need to know about this Clash of Clans event.
There is actually one other limited edition decoration that I will personally be getting since I'm a bit of a collector. But for everybody else, I would just recommend the ore. If you've bought the event pass, I would also recommend getting the star ore and then one of the shiny ore offers. But once you don't have enough, you can then drop down and mix and match. What about rocket balloon armies then? There was actually some balance changes to the rocket balloon just a couple of days ago which increased its damage and death damage from levels 8 through 10. This was to try and keep the interaction the same between the Rocket Balloons and air defense or Archer Towers across all Town Hall levels.

Utilizing Rocket Balloons in Armies

But how should you use the Rocket Balloons during this event? One thing which I'll be honest, I'll be doing on a lot of my accounts is just merging one rocket balloon in with my army, and a lot of situations I will just take that in the clan castle because I think it works better alongside the Yetis that I typically take. If you do want to maximize Rocket Balloons in rocket balloon style armies, though, for Town Hall 8, you might want to mimic the goo attack I taught in my recent best attack for every Town Hall level video. But you'd be using the Rocket Balloons to take out the back end of the base.

Once you get to Town Hall 9 and above, if you enjoy Queen charge attacks like me, the Rocket Balloons are really fun to use alongside this because you can perform an extensive Queen charge committing a lot of the spells to the queen since the Rocket Balloons almost have a spell within them. They're hasted into the base; they can be a very fun troop to use. It's also nice that we can have the three super troops so you can use the super wall breakers to help get your queen into the base and the sneaky goblins to help funnel.

I think the Rocket Balloons are fun to use once you get the hang of them. I do hope this guide has helped you out, and if you do want to see my best attack strategy for every Town Hall level, I'll link that article here. Enjoy the rest of your day. Clash On!

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