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10 BEST & EASIEST Champions For BEGINNERS in Season 14 - LOL

Discover the top 10 beginner-friendly champions for Season 14, ensuring a smooth climb in ranked play. Learn why champion choice matters!
Top 10 beginner-friendly champions for Season 14 in League of Legends - a helpful guide.
In today's guide, we're going to be breaking down  of  10 BEST & EASIEST Champions for season 14 that are not only super strong but also extremely easy to pick up, which, in turn, will help you climb the ranked ladder at an incredible rate.

What to Expect in Season 14

Season 14 brings exciting changes, and for beginners, this means a fresh start with new challenges and opportunities. Whether you're a casual gamer or aspiring to climb the ranked ladder, selecting the right champion is crucial for an enjoyable and successful gaming experience.

Why Choosing the Right Champion Matters

Impact on Learning Curve

The champion you choose significantly influences your learning curve. Opting for a beginner-friendly champion allows you to focus on understanding the game's mechanics rather than grappling with complex abilities. It's like learning to walk before you run, ensuring a smoother transition into more advanced gameplay.

Importance of Beginner-Friendly Champions

Benefits for New Players

Beginner-friendly champions offer several advantages. They typically have straightforward abilities, making it easier for newcomers to grasp their mechanics. Additionally, these champions often possess forgiving traits, allowing room for mistakes as players hone their skills.

10 BEST & EASIEST Champions in Season 14

Now, let's delve into the heart of the matter – the top 10 champions that stand out as the best and easiest choices for beginners in Season 14.


  • Trundle

In season 14, the best Top Lane Champion that you can play to accelerate your ranked climb is Trundle. What makes Trundle so great is his ability to not only smash Lane but also become an incredibly oppressive threat in the Side Lane. With Trundle's Q, he's able to reduce the enemy's AD while granting himself bonus AD, making his early skirmish insanely lethal.

Top 10 beginner-friendly champions for Season 14 in League of Legends - a helpful guide.

Looking for that level two all-in is something that can really boost you out of the lower ranks with Trundle super fast. Remember, you need to kill the first full wave and then one melee minion on the second wave to hit level two. If you end up hitting level two before the enemy, popping ghost, and looking for First Blood is the play.

Since you'll already have the movement speed from Ghost, make sure to level up your E at level two to prevent the enemy from escaping. Ghost with teleport should be your Summoner Spell combination with Trundle Top Lane.

As you reach the later stages of the game with Trundle, it's all about exerting as much pressure as possible in the sideline. Focus on where your team is positioned on the map and use that information to help you decide if you should hard commit to pressuring towers.

  • Mordekaiser

One of the best and easiest top laners you can play for season 14 is Mordekaiser. Mordekaiser has been loving the season 14 item adjustments, with the reworked Liandry's and Riftmaker now being much better for him. The standard core build for Trundle consists of a Trinity Force rush into Ravenous Hydra second and Hullbreaker third.

Top 10 beginner-friendly champions for Season 14 in League of Legends - a helpful guide.

Roll with Lethal Tempo for the Keystone Rune, followed by Triumph, Tenacity, and Last Stand. Demolish and Bone Plating are the optimal secondaries. For Mordekaiser, the optimal core build revolves around a Riftmaker rush into Liandry's second and Conqueror as the Keystone Rune.

Followed by Triumph, Tenacity, and Last Stand, with Bone Plating and Revitalize for secondaries. If you're newer to the game or just looking to play Top Lane for the first time, Mordekaiser is one of those champions with a very simple win condition to play around, being his ultimate's cooldown. Utilize this spike to make an impact in team fights regardless of how ahead or behind you are.


  • Nocturne

When you're trying to learn jungle as a beginner, picking a champion with a more linear playstyle will help you climb faster. That's why Nocturne is our first recommendation. Full clearing with Nocturne and hitting level six as soon as possible is a straightforward game plan. Once you reach level six, prioritize ganking the lane with the most crowd control to follow up on your ganks effectively.

Top 10 beginner-friendly champions for Season 14 in League of Legends - a helpful guide.

Nocturne's game plan is not only simple, but the season 14 item rework has been significant for him. Experimental Hexplate is the rush item for Nocturne, enhancing his ability to capitalize on ult plays. The burst of movement speed from Hexplate helps Nocturne stick onto his target easily, leaving almost no counterplay for the enemy to escape.

The best rune page for Nocturne includes Lethal Tempo, Triumph, Alacrity, and Coup de Grace. For secondaries, Eyeball Collection and Ultimate Hunter are recommended.

  • Warwick

If you want to play a jungler with stronger early game gank power, Warwick is an excellent option. Warwick has become even better for season 14 due to the ability to abuse two of the most broken bruiser items: Titanic Hydra and Sunfire Aegis. This build provides durability and damage, making it perfect for beginner junglers.

Top 10 beginner-friendly champions for Season 14 in League of Legends - a helpful guide.

Executing ganks properly on Warwick may take some time to get used to, as using Q and E can heavily dictate whether you secure a kill or not. Leading with E to fear the enemy away from their tower and saving Q for situations where the enemy flashes or dashes away is a common strategy.

The recommended rune page for Warwick includes Lethal Tempo, Triumph, Alacrity, and Last Stand. The optimal secondaries are Solarity and Water Walking.


  • Malzahar

The easiest and strongest midlaner for Season 14 is Malzahar. With Malzahar, focus on getting past the initial levels and hitting your power spikes at Lost Chapter and level six. Start the game with a Mana Crystal and Refillable Potion, and take Teleport as your secondary Summoner spell. Teleport allows you to quickly purchase Lost Chapter and return to lane.

Top 10 beginner-friendly champions for Season 14 in League of Legends - a helpful guide.

Malahar excels at wave control once he has Lost Chapter, so prioritize poking with Malefic Visions when your Manaflow Band is available. Be mindful of your Mana usage in the early levels. The new itemization, especially Malignance, enhances Malzahar's ultimate strength. Malignance synergizes well with his ultimate, providing significant burn damage.

The recommended Rune page for Malzahar includes Arcane Comet, Manaflow Band, Transcendence, and Scorch. For secondaries, go for Magical Footwear and Cosmic Insight.

  • Swain

If you're looking for an alternative midlaner, Swain is a great choice. Swain, like Malzahar, benefits greatly from Malignance due to his extended ultimate duration. Swain's durable build makes him forgiving for newer midlaners, allowing for impactful plays without being overly punished for positioning errors.

Top 10 beginner-friendly champions for Season 14 in League of Legends - a helpful guide.

Swain spikes hard with the completion of Malignance, and understanding his limits allows for effective 1v2 potential. The recommended core build for Swain includes a Malignance rush into Liandry's second and Rylai's third. Conqueror is the Keystone Rune, with Presence of Mind, Tenacity, and Last Stand. Conditioning and Overgrowth are optimal secondaries.


  • Jinx

If you're new to ADC, Jinx is an excellent champion for Season 14. Her kit works well in the chaotic nature of solo queue, and her resets from the passive can be game-changing in late-game fights. Jinx is relatively easy to play, requiring simple right-clicking and utilizing the movement speed and attack speed boosts from her passive. Positioning is key, and playing close to your support in lane is crucial to capitalize on Jinx's follow-up potential.

Top 10 beginner-friendly champions for Season 14 in League of Legends - a helpful guide.

The standard core build for Jinx includes Kraken Slayer first, Infinity Edge second, and Rapid Fire Cannon third. Opt for Lethal Tempo with Presence of Mind, Bloodline, and Cut Down for primary runes. Absolute Focus and Gathering Storm are recommended for secondaries.

  • Miss Fortune

Another ADC option, especially suitable for beginners, is Miss Fortune. She excels in Season 14 due to her ability to abuse lethality items. Misfortune is easy to learn, making her an excellent pick for those with less experience. Focus on tracking your ultimate's cooldown and fight when it's up for consistent impact.

Top 10 beginner-friendly champions for Season 14 in League of Legends - a helpful guide.

The standard build for Misfortune involves a Ghostblade rush into The Collector second and Edge of Night third. First Strike is the recommended Keystone Rune, and for primary runes, go for Free Boots, Biscuits, and Cosmic Insight. Absolute Focus and Gathering Storm are solid choices for secondaries.


  • Zyra

For beginners in Season 14, Zyra stands out as one of the best pure carry supports. Despite having a few skill shots, she's effective, especially when utilizing W with Q in team fights. Zyra's ultimate around Baron or Dragon can be game-changing, offering substantial zoning. Focus on timing skill shots when the enemy ADC is going for a last hit to increase your hit rate. Poking with Q during Cannon waves is effective, creating opportunities for catching enemies with E.

Top 10 beginner-friendly champions for Season 14 in League of Legends - a helpful guide.

With Zyra, the core build involves Liandry's Anguish rush, Demonic Embrace second, and Zhonya's Hourglass third. Opt for Comet as the Keystone Rune, and for primary runes, go with Manaflow Band, Transcendence, and Scorch. Taste of Blood and Relentless Hunter are recommended for secondaries.

  • Maokai

If you're a support beginner in Season 14, Maokai is an excellent choice, particularly due to his incredible synergy with the new Trailblazer support item. His point-click hard CC is powerful and guarantees impact with little skill involved. Mastering the Flash-W combo can consistently secure kills when your jungler is ganking. The optimal core build for Maokai involves a Trailblazer rush, Locket second, and Knight's Vow third. Aftershock is the recommended Keystone Rune, and for primary runes, choose Font of Life, Bone Plating, and Unflinching. Biscuits and Cosmic Insight are solid options for secondaries.

Top 10 beginner-friendly champions for Season 14 in League of Legends - a helpful guide.

For improving at support throughout Season 14, weekly commentaries, including a new one for Maokai, are available to assist you in learning and mastering the champion.


In conclusion, Season 14 presents a wealth of opportunities for beginners to embark on their League of Legends journey. By selecting one of the 10 BEST & EASIEST Champions for BEGINNERS, you're setting yourself up for a rewarding and enjoyable gaming experience. Remember, success in League is not just about winning but about continuous improvement and the thrill of the game. That wraps up everything for the Season 14 update on the best and easiest champions for beginners. Good luck with your rank climbs, and see you in the next post!


How to Choose the Right Champion?

Choosing the right champion involves considering your preferred playstyle, the role you want to fulfill, and the champion's complexity. It's essential to experiment with various champions in non-ranked games to discover which aligns best with your preferences.

Are Beginner Champions Viable in Ranked Play?

Absolutely! Many beginner champions remain viable in ranked play, offering a stable foundation for climbing the ranks. Focus on mastering one or two champions initially, gradually expanding your pool as you gain confidence.

How Often Does the Meta Affect Beginner Picks?

The meta can influence champion viability, but for beginners, it's more important to focus on fundamental skills and understanding game mechanics. Choosing champions that suit your playstyle is often more beneficial than strictly adhering to the meta.

Can You Succeed with Unconventional Picks?

While unconventional picks may catch opponents off guard, it's crucial to understand the champion's strengths and weaknesses. Experimenting can be fun, but ensure your choice complements your team composition and strategy.

Is It Necessary to Master Multiple Champions?

While mastering multiple champions can be advantageous, it's not a necessity for beginners. Focus on becoming proficient with one or two champions first, gradually expanding your repertoire as you become more comfortable with the game.

What to Do When Your Champion Gets Nerfed?

Adaptability is key in League of Legends. If your chosen champion undergoes nerfs, take it as an opportunity to explore other options. Embrace change, experiment with new champions, and find the one that suits your playstyle.

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