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Best Champions to Main for EVERY ROLE - A Pro Guide

Best Champions to Main for EVERY ROLE - A Pro Guide

Hello Summoners and welcome to another  ModLegends Guides! Today, we'll be discussing the best champions to main on Patch 13.9. In this series, we have compiled a list of three champions per role, carefully selected by our elite team of Challenger players and analysts. These champions are strong and not too contested, making them ideal picks as you're likely to get your hands on them, and they are not likely to be nerfed anytime soon. So, let's dive into the top champions for each role!

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Top Lane

1. Poppy - The Scrappy Juggernaut

Poppy may be classified as a tank, but she plays more like a Bruiser with her scrappy playstyle. Opt for Divine Sunderer instead of a tank Mythic, as it synergizes well with her percent HP-based damage on Q. Poppy excels in dueling and can hold her own against top-tier duelists like Camille and Fiora. Her W and R abilities can single-handedly shut down champions that rely on spamming dashes, making her a formidable pick in the Top Lane.

2. Kled - The Tenacious Bruiser

Kled is a unique champion in League of Legends, offering both high damage output and a massive health pool with his remount mechanic. He's an excellent lane bully with considerable solo kill potential, especially when running Ignite. Once ahead, Kled can easily snowball and become a split-pushing threat. Moreover, his ultimate allows him to initiate team fights or engage in skirmishes with quick follow-up potential.

3. Camille - The Versatile Duelist

Camille possesses one of the highest skill ceilings among top laners, requiring precise execution to trade effectively. With her flexible kit, she can adapt to any matchup, engaging in quick trades or extended fights depending on the situation. Post level 6, her gank setup becomes deadly, making her a threat in team fights and an exceptional split-pusher once she acquires Divine Sunderer.


1. Rengar - The Skillful Predator

Rengar is often misunderstood as a skill-less champion due to his ability to one-shot opponents, but he requires precise play and smart decision-making to be effective. Early game, Rengar can struggle against other meta junglers, so focus on good pathing and smart engages. As he scales, his burst becomes fearsome, making him a potent assassin in the mid-to-late game.

2. Fiddlesticks - The Strategic Ambusher

Fiddlesticks is a straightforward jungler with a strong clear speed and potent crowd control. Focus on efficient pathing and gank overextended foes once you reach level 6. As the game progresses, your ultimate becomes a game-changer, capable of turning fights in your team's favor. Consider building Zhonya's Hourglass for added survivability in team fights.

3. Zac - The Unkillable AP Bruiser

Zac is an exceptional tank that packs a surprising amount of damage. His elastic slingshot allows him to engage from unexpected angles, making him a formidable ganker. He synergizes well with aggressive ADCs or hyper carries, ensuring a safe frontline for his team and disrupting the enemy's backline with his CC.

Mid Lane

1. Pantheon - The Dominating Lane Bully

Pantheon is a powerful lane bully, winning most matchups in the mid lane. His high damage and point-and-click CC make him a formidable trading opponent. Capitalize on his strength by roaming and assisting your team with skirmishes and invades. He can also frontline effectively with his E ability, making him a well-rounded champion for mid lane dominance.

2. Annie - The Safe and Strong Burst Mage

Annie's lane phase is relatively safe, and she scales well into the mid and late game. She excels in making picks and providing massive burst damage with her ultimate. Use her W to scout the enemy jungle and control vision around key objectives. Save your Flash for crucial team fights or game-changing picks.

3. Zilean - The Timeless Control Mage

Zilean has a weaker early lane phase but scales incredibly well into the mid and late game. Focus on farming and surviving the lane phase, as his power spikes significantly once he reaches the mid-game. Play around your allies and shut down key enemies with well-timed stuns and bombs. Your ultimate, Chronoshift, can single-handedly turn the tide of team fights.

Bot Lane - ADC

1. Tristana - The Explosive Assassin ADC

Tristana boasts high burst damage, making her one of the easiest ADCs to execute in a kill lane. Her Level 2 power spike can catch opponents off guard, while her ultimate adds even more burst potential at Level 6. Be aggressive in the laning phase and look to snowball by rotating around the map and forcing objectives after taking down your lane turret.

2. Ashe - The Reliable Utility ADC

Ashe offers strong laning and invaluable utility to her team throughout the game. Her Hawkshot provides crucial vision and scouting, allowing your team to make informed decisions. Her ultimate, Enchanted Crystal Arrow, is a game-changing tool for initiating fights and making picks. Even when behind, Ashe remains relevant with her crowd control and utility.

3. Veigar - The Infinite Scaling Burst Mage Support

Veigar may not be the typical ADC, but his scaling burst damage and control make him an excellent alternative. Play safe in the early game, focus on farming, and scale into a powerhouse in the mid and late game. Utilize your Event Horizon (E) to zone enemies and set up picks for your team. In team fights, aim to eliminate high-priority targets with your devastating combo.


1. Taric - The Flexible Support

Taric is a highly underrated support, boasting a high win rate due to his versatility. He synergizes well with aggressive ADCs like Tristana, providing them with sustain and protection in lane. Taric's ultimate, Cosmic Radiance, can turn the tide of team fights when used correctly, making him an invaluable pick for any team composition.

2. Janna - The Guardian of ADCs

Janna may have a low skill floor, but mastering her adds significant value to your team. Be slightly aggressive in lane, roam, and assist your teammates in skirmishes. During team fights, position yourself between your carries and the enemy divers, utilizing your Q and R to disrupt opponents and protect your allies effectively.

3. Soraka - The Healing Support

Soraka excels in providing consistent healing and sustain for her team. Respect the enemy's gank potential and ward efficiently to avoid falling behind early. Her ultimate, Wish, can turn team fights in your favor, so be aware of opportunities to use it effectively. Focus on enabling your allies and shutting down key enemies to secure victory for your team.


Choosing the right champions to main can significantly impact your success in League of Legends. The champions mentioned in this guide offer a mix of powerful laning, scaling potential, and unique abilities that can change the course of games. Experiment with these champions to find the best fit for your playstyle and enjoy climbing the ranks with your newfound knowledge!


Is Poppy better suited as a tank or a Bruiser?

Poppy leans more towards a Bruiser playstyle, especially when building Divine Sunderer. She excels in dueling and can take on strong duelists with her percent HP-based damage on Q.

How should I play Kled in the early game?

As Kled, focus on utilizing his strong laning phase to bully opponents and secure kills, particularly when running Ignite. Once ahead, you can easily snowball and become a split-pushing threat.

What are the main strengths of Camille?

Camille's kit is flexible, allowing her to adapt to any matchup. She can trade quickly or go for extended fights, making her a versatile pick in the Top Lane.

Which build should I follow for Rengar?

Rengar's build path may vary, but focusing on efficient pathing and smart engages is essential in the early game. You can build items like Duskblade, Edge of Night, and Youmuu's Ghostblade for added lethality.

Should I play Fiddlesticks with Flash or TP?

It's generally recommended to play Fiddlesticks with Flash and use it to catch opponents off guard or secure kills more effectively. TP is not necessary for his playstyle.

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