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3 Best Champions For Every Role in Patch 13.11

3 Best Champions For Every Role in Patch 13.11 in League of Legends


Welcome back, summoners! It's time to gear up for patch 13.11 in League of Legends, and I, Saurabh Kumar, am here to guide you through the best champions that will help you climb the ranks effortlessly. In this article, we have compiled a list of three champions for each role, meticulously chosen by our team of Challenger players and analysts. These champions are strong, underpicked, and less likely to be nerfed anytime soon, making them a smart choice to pick up and carry games in the current meta.

So without further ado, let's dive into the Top Lane, Jungle, Mid Lane, and Bot Lane to discover which champions are ruling the Rift in patch 13.11!

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Top Lane Dominators

1. Maokai - The Stalwart Guardian

Maokai is a versatile top lane champion that everyone should consider adding to their champion pool. With an easy-to-use kit, his point-and-click root and unmissable ultimate make him a reliable pick. Not just a mere crowd control machine, Maokai also dishes out a decent amount of damage and possesses impressive outplay potential, making him a threat both in the side lane and during team fights.

2. Singed - The Mad Scientist

If you're up for a challenge and enjoy unconventional playstyles, Singed is your guy. While mechanically straightforward, Singed requires a unique approach to excel. Embrace the art of proxying, baiting, and causing chaos in team fights. Once you master Singed's unique playstyle, you'll find yourself carrying games in the most obnoxious ways possible.

3. Yorick - The Shepherd of Souls

Yorick excels as a split pusher, providing constant pressure on the enemy team. Whether you're fed or behind, Yorick's split push strategy forces opponents to deal with you, giving your team an advantage in other parts of the map. Runes-wise, Conqueror offers great scaling power, while Comet provides a more reliable laning phase—pick the one that suits your playstyle best!

Jungle Kings

1. Volibear - The Thunder's Roar

Volibear is a solid jungle pick, particularly after some recent buffs. He might not be as overpowering as before, but that's a good thing for those who appreciate an underpicked champion. Take advantage of his simple mechanics and use his ultimate to force tower dives, catching enemies off-guard and securing victories for your team.

2. Rammus - The Armordillo

Rammus remains one of the best junglers, boasting a remarkable win rate even after a slight nerf. His damage amplification is incredibly valuable in both ganks and team fights. While others have caught on to Rammus's power, he's still not highly contested, ensuring you can consistently pick him up.

3. Warwick - The Blood Hunter

For beginners looking to start their jungle journey, Warwick is an excellent choice. However, don't underestimate his capabilities in higher levels of play. With innate healing and damage rejection from his E, Warwick stays alive like a tank while dishing out significant damage. He's a great balance of durability and damage, perfect for carrying games with ease.

Mid Lane Dominance

1. Veigar - The Tiny Master of Evil

Veigar defies the typical hyper-carry balance, offering decent safety in the early game. Stack your Q to maximize your damage output and build a balanced combination of Seraph's Embrace and Rod of Ages for an almost unkillable glass cannon. With the right combo, you can obliterate tanks and squishies alike, making Veigar a terrifying force on the Rift.

2. Diana - The Scorn of the Moon

Unlike most assassins, Diana boasts remarkable team-fighting capabilities, making her a strong pick for any player. Her versatility allows her to adopt a bruiser build with items like Stridebreaker and Demonic Embrace for more sustained fights. If you prefer high-risk, high-reward gameplay, embrace the glass cannon build to annihilate your enemies in a split-second combo.

3. Garen - The Might of Demacia

Garen is the ultimate lane neutralizer, shutting down melee champions with ease. With his passive, Second Wind, and Doran's Shield, you can weather any poke and dominate the lane. Garen's tanky build with Stridebreaker, Cleaver, and Phantom Dancer ensures he remains a threat throughout the game, making him the ideal choice for players seeking a stress-free lane-dominant champion.

Bottom Lane Titans

1. Miss Fortune - The Bounty Hunter

Miss Fortune, despite some recent nerfs to Serylda's Grudge, remains a formidable force with lethality builds. Her AOE damage and range allow her to poke and harass enemies under their tower, making her an oppressive lane bully. Consider a switch to Press the Attack and a crit build against tank-heavy teams.

2. Twitch - The Plague Rat

Twitch thrives with the Stormrazor first item, but even with recent changes, he remains strong with various core builds. The Duskblade build excels in bursting down opponents out of stealth, while the Guinsoo's Shiv build adds substantial magic damage to your arsenal. In the right hands, Twitch can be a game-changing ADC.

3. Karthus - The Deathsinger

Karthus consistently maintains a high win rate in bot lane over the years. His ability to neutralize the lane and scale exceptionally well into the late game make him a formidable pick. Don't worry about dying; your Requiem will do the talking!

Support Supremacy

1. Rakan - The Charmer

Rakan's flexibility allows him to fit into any team composition with ease. His CC chain makes him a fantastic engage champion, but he can also transition to a peeling and protecting role when needed. Explore various builds, from enchanter to tanky or utility damage amping, to suit your team's needs.

2. Annie - The Dark Child

Annie's recent changes make her a compelling support option. Consider the glacial rune page with Echoes of Helia and the no longer Mythic, Imperial Mandate, for a utility-packed team fighting build. Be sure to run Font of Life to make the most of your Rylai's to protect your allies and slow enemies.

3. Zyra - The Rise of Thorns

Zyra is a dominating support who excels at winning lanes. Her AOE damage and range allow her to poke enemies under their tower, creating constant pressure. In team fights, she offers massive zone control, helping secure objectives and turning the tide of battle in your favor.


There you have it, summoners! The best champions for patch 13.11, ready to lead you to victory. Remember, each champion's potential lies in your hands, so choose wisely and master your favorites to climb the ranked ladder with ease.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Which champion is best for solo queue?

Garen's ability to shut down opponents and dominate the lane makes him a strong solo queue pick.

What is the best build for Veigar?

Build a combination of Seraph's Embrace and Rod of Ages for an almost unkillable glass cannon, dishing out devastating damage.

Is Miss Fortune still viable after the nerfs?

Yes, Miss Fortune remains a strong pick with various lethality and crit builds, ensuring her dominance in the bottom lane.

Can Karthus carry games from the support role?

Absolutely! Karthus's global ultimate, Requiem, allows him to impact the game from any lane, making him a powerful support pick.

What makes Rakan a versatile support?

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