Comprehensive Guide to K'SANTE: The Pride of Nazuma

Comprehensive Guide to K'SANTE: The Pride of Nazuma
Welcome, fellow Summoners, to another ModLegends Guides! I'm Saurabh, and today's topic will be our guide to K'sante, the mighty champion from Nazuma. Usually, our guides come out right before a new champion's release to give you a head start, but in this case, we made the conscious decision to wait due to his release timing. K'sante came out just one patch before the pre-season, so we figured it makes more sense to wait and create the guide with Season 13 in mind rather than rushing to put it out with an outdated item build. Now, let's dive into the details of K'sante, the champion who might seem weak statistically but is actually an insanely broken champion if played correctly!

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K'sante, although classified as a tank, plays more like a bruiser due to the way his abilities scale with health and resistances. He excels in both dueling opponents and disrupting team fights with his crowd control and damage potential. Despite his win rate in the mid-40s and just above 50 in Master tier and above, K'sante's true strength lies in the hands of skilled players who understand his mechanics. Let's explore his abilities and unique playstyle further.

K'sante's Abilities Overview

Passive: Dauntless Instinct

K'sante's passive ability marks enemies hit by his abilities for four seconds. His basic attacks against marked targets gain bonus range and deal additional physical damage based on his level and the target's maximum health. When going all out, the mark's damage is converted to true damage, making him a formidable opponent in extended trades.

Q: Notofo Strikes

This ability has two forms: regular cast and empowered cast. Upon hitting an enemy with regular cast, K'sante deals physical damage and applies an 80% slow for half a second. If he hits at least one enemy, he generates a stack that can be stacked up to 2 times. The empowered cast pulls enemies hit towards him over one second and stuns them, refreshing the stacks. The cooldown can be reduced by building bonus resistances.

W: Path Maker

This ability allows K'sante to charge up for up to one second, increasing its range, damage, and stun duration. During this time, he gains displacement immunity and damage reduction. Upon recasting, he dashes in the target direction, dealing physical damage to enemies he passes through and stunning them. The cooldown is refreshed when going all out, but the knockback and stun are replaced with bonus damage and increased damage reduction.

E: Footwork

K'sante dashes to the target location, granting himself a shield for two seconds. If cast on an ally champion, he dashes to them at an increased range and shields them as well. When going all out, the dash speed and range are increased, allowing for more flexible mobility.

Ultimate: All Out K'sante

In this form, K'sante roots the target enemy for half a second, gains displacement immunity, and shatters his tonvis to knock them back. The target is dealt physical damage during the displacement and stunned afterwards. Once the blink ends, K'sante enters all-out mode for 20 seconds, gaining a health threshold equal to 55% of his maximum health and empowered abilities at no cost.

K'sante's Unique Playstyle

A Tank with Scale Expression

K'sante is unlike traditional tanks, as he can deal significant damage building full tank due to his ability scaling with health and resistances. He can go toe-to-toe with the best duelists in the game and come out on top.

High Skill Ceiling

His kit offers a lot of room for skill expression, making him a rewarding champion for those who master his quick combos and mobility.

Unusual Tank Mobility

K'sante's high mobility is unusual for a tank, allowing him to surprise opponents with unexpected dashes and engage or disengage as needed.

Mastering Combos for Optimal Playmaking

Learning how to use his ultimate effectively is crucial for success. Proper timing and decision-making can turn the tide of team fights in your favor.

Early Game: Strong Laner

K'sante's laning phase is surprisingly strong. He excels at trading with his Q and passive-empowered basic attacks. Even challenging matchups can be won with proper positioning and quick combos.

Mid and Late Game: Duelist and Team Fighter

As the game progresses, K'sante becomes even more powerful. He can hold his own in split-pushing scenarios and is a formidable duelist against champions like Fiora and Jax. In team fights, his crowd control and damage make him a disruptive force.

Maximizing K'sante's Ultimate: All Out Mode

Using his ultimate at the right time can make or break a team fight. It's best used to remove high-priority targets from the fight or protect your backline from threats.

Rune and Item Builds

Recommended Runes

- Grasp of the Undying
- Demolish
- Conditioning
- Overgrowth
- Biscuit Delivery
- Approach Velocity

Core Item Build

1. Doran's Shield
2. Iceborn Gauntlet
3. Plated Steel Caps or Mercury Treads
4. Sunfire Aegis


K'sante, the Pride of Nazuma, is a tank with remarkable scale expression and mobility. Although his win rate may not impress, skilled players can unleash his full potential in both dueling and team fights. Proper use of his abilities, especially his ultimate, is key to becoming a formidable force on the Rift.

Now that you have a good starting point for mastering K'sante, remember that ModLegends offers in-depth tutorials and guides to take your gameplay to the next level. Whether you're looking to improve your laning phase or enhance your team fight impact, our guides are available 24/7 to help you succeed. Good luck on the Rift, and may the LP gods smile down upon you!


Is K'sante viable in high-elo ranked games?

Yes, in the hands of skilled players, K'sante can be a formidable pick even in high-elo ranked games. His unique kit allows for skill expression, making him a strong contender in duels and team fights.

Which champions counter K'sante in lane?

Champions with strong extended trades, such as Darius and Olaf, can pose challenges for K'sante in lane. However, with proper trading and mobility usage, you can still hold your own in these matchups.

What is the best strategy for playing K'sante in team fights?

In team fights, it's essential to use K'sante's ultimate wisely. Instead of using it right away, wait for the opportune moment to remove high-priority targets or protect your backline. Being mindful of your health threshold in all-out mode can also be critical for survival.

Are there any recommended starting items for K'sante?

Doran's Shield is a great starting item for K'sante, providing sustain and survivability in lane. It helps him weather the early game and transition into a powerful mid and late game.

What are some alternative item choices for K'sante?

Depending on the game's needs, you can consider items like Dead Man's Plate, Turbo Chemtank, Anathema's Chains, Force of Nature, or Warmog's Armor as your last item. Choose based on your team composition and the threats you're facing.

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