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10 OP New Broken Items to ABUSE in Season 14 - League of Legends

Discover the top 10 new broken items to abuse in Season 14 of League of Legends. Stay ahead of the game with these powerful tools for domination.
10 new broken items in League of Legends Season 14. Get ready to abuse these powerful additions.
Hello Summoners and welcome to another ModLegends guide! In today's post, you're going to learn about 10 new items that are looking super broken for season 14. Not only will we be covering 10 of the most OP items, but we also give you guys a bunch of Champions that we think will be most optimal with each one.

Unleashing Destruction: 10 NEW BROKEN ITEMS

1. Voltaic Cyclosword

10 new broken items in League of Legends Season 14. Get ready to abuse these powerful additions.
 Attack Damage 55
 Lethality 18
 Ability Haste 15
Moving and Attacking will generate an Energized Attack.
Dashes and Stealth stack Energized 75% faster.
Your Energized Attack applies 100 bonus physical damage and Slows enemies for 99% for 0.75 seconds.
Slow is a melee only.
The Champions that can abuse Voltaic Cyclosword to its limits are going to be absolutely insane. The item provides AD lethality and haste, but it's the passive that pushes it over the top. The passive provides you with an energized attack that not only deals damage but also slows the enemy, and this energized attack can be stacked faster by using a dash or going stealth. From playing on the PBE, Kha'zix was one champion who really stood out as a front runner to succeed with Voltaic. At level six, you get the stealth charges from R combined with the dash from E, so getting multiple procs of Voltaic's passive off in a skirmish is very reliable. 

Of course, the obvious Champion to win out with Voltaic is Rengar. If you get a lead early on and can invade the enemy with Voltaic completed, there's no way you're losing out in the 1v1. Kindred is one to watch as well because with the low cooldown on her Q, she'll be able to proc the passive quite consistently.

2. Stormsurge

10 new broken items in League of Legends Season 14. Get ready to abuse these powerful additions.
 Ability Power 90
 Magic Penetration 10
 Movement Speed 5%
Mages are looking really scary as Storm Surge takes the meaning of one-shot to a whole another level. You can see in this clip here how the Elise literally misses her E, doesn't even use Q in human form, and practically one-shots the Kindred who is leveled up just with her spider form Q and a few autos. If this were with any other item, Kindred would have escaped with a sliver of health, but the Storm Surge passive proc comes in to finish her off. The lethal range for certain Champions is just amplified greatly due to the passive on Storm Surge. 

Now, the item does not provide you with any mana, so it's likely not a rush for a lot of mages. However, as a second purchase, the midgame spike will be massive. The real one-shot build for season 14 will consist of Storm Surge in combination with Shadow Flame. Both items will provide Magic Pen, and the passives synergize incredibly well together. 
 Shadow Flame
 Ability Power 120
 Magic Penetration 12
The passive on Shadow Flame provides you with crit when the enemy is low on health, while the passive from Storm Surge deals bonus damage if you chunk 35% of their health bar. The new Shadow Flame will also provide 120 AP, which is up by 20 from what it was in season 13. 

Now, neither Storm Surge nor Shadow Flame will provide any health, so you will be more vulnerable, but the reward for executing well with these items will be huge. Mages with high burst potential like LeBlanc, Syndra, Zoe, Lux, and Annie are the front runners to dominate with Storm Surge and Shadow Flame.

3. Ludens Companion

10 new broken items in League of Legends Season 14. Get ready to abuse these powerful additions.
Ability Power 90
Mana 600
Ability Haste 20
Load: Gain a Shot Charge every 3 seconds, up to a maximum of 6.
Fire: Damaging abilities consume all Shot charges to deal an additional 40 (+8% AP) magic damage to the target and one additional nearby target per charge. If there are insufficient targets in range, for each remaining Shot, repeat the damage on the primary target dealing 35% of the damage.
One item that is looking like a staple on many of the midlane mages and the perfect rush option is called Luden's Companion. Luden's Companion will give you AP, haste, and mana while providing a similar passive to the old Luden where you gain a charge that can be procced on the enemy for added damage. 

One of the big reasons why Luden will appeal to a vast majority of midlane mages is because it provides the three key stats they want in AP, haste, and mana. Liandry's, for example, does not provide any mana or haste, so rushing the item won't be viable on a lot of champs. Crown of the Shattered Queen is also being completely removed from the game, so that's no longer an option. 

Malignant is one of the other new mage items that provide AP, haste, and mana; however, its passive provides you with more damage on your ultimate usage, which will be great for certain champs like Anivia or Swain but likely won't be as OP as Luden when it comes down to catering to a wide variety of mages. The passive on Luden will be way more consistent over the course of an extended fight for most mages since it's not tied to needing to use your ultimate. 

We expect for Ludin to be one of the most purchased mage items in the game as champions like Ahri, Orianna, and Cassiopeia will be amazing with it. Basically, any mage that does not want Rod of Ages but still needs the mana sustain will be picking up Ludin.

4. Bloodsong

10 new broken items in League of Legends Season 14. Get ready to abuse these powerful additions.
After using an ability, your next attack is enhanced with an additional 75 physical damage on-hit Effect has a 1.5-second cooldown. If the target is a champion, apply Expose Weakness, increasing the damage they take by 12% (melee)/ 8% (ranged) for 6 seconds.
All of the new support items are looking incredibly strong, but one that really stands out is the AD support upgrade called Blood Song. Blood Song is going to give you bonus on-hit damage and also amplify damage dealt by your teammates on the target you are attacking. Think of it like an AD version of the Even Shroud passive; however, instead of CCing the enemy to proc the passive, all you got to do is hit them with an ability. 

This item feels incredibly strong on Senna because she's able to proc the passive very easily with her Q. If there's ever a time for ADCs to come back into the meta as supports, Blood Song will be the sole reason for it. Over this past year, we saw pros pulling out Caitlyn and Jhin in the support role, and Blood Song could really enable them. 

Definitely watch out for Senna at the start of season 14 though, as we expect her to be one of the best users of Blood Song. You can also check out our guide on 10 most broken bot lane combos.

5. Terminus

10 new broken items in League of Legends Season 14. Get ready to abuse these powerful additions.
Passive Shadow:
Attacks apply 30 magic damage on-hit.
Passive - Juxtaposition:
Alternate between Light and Dark on-hits each attack.
Light attacks:
Grant 3-5 armor and magic resist (up to 15-25) for 5 seconds.
Dark attacks:
Grant 6% armor penetration and magic penetration (up to 30%) for 5 seconds.
Terminus is the new ADC item that provides attack speed, AD, and on-hit magic damage. The passive is very interesting because it provides you with stacking armor and magic resist, along with stacking armor and magic penetration. The fact that magic and armor pen can stack up to 30% will make the item nuts in drawn-out fights.

Kog'Maw's W deals bonus magic damage, so being able to get 30% magic pen will make his autos hit incredibly hard. Terminus should be perfect for Varus because the ramping magic pen will make finishing off targets with his WQ that much easier. If you're unaware, Varus's normal Q deals physical damage, but his WQ deals percent health magic damage. When you're trying to mow down a tankier target, the percent magic pen from Terminus will help immensely in being able to finish them off.

One top lane champ we expect to have great potential with Terminus is Kayle. If you want to play AD Kayle, you'll now have another item you can slot in along with Kraken Slayer, Rageblade, and Blade of the Ruined King. On-hit builds in general, when maxed out, should become much more lethal this season due to the introduction of Terminus.

6. Malignance

10 new broken items in League of Legends Season 14. Get ready to abuse these powerful additions.
Ultimate Power: Gain 20 Ability Haste for your Ultimate. 
Ultimate Flames: Whenever you damage an enemy champion with your Ultimate, burn the ground beneath them for 3 seconds, dealing 60 (+6% AP) magic damage every second and reducing their Magic Resistance by (6-12) for as long as they are on the burning ground.
Malignance is one of the new mage items that will be a phenomenal rush on a few champions. The passive provides ability haste for your ultimate's cooldown and deals bonus damage when you hit the enemy with your R. Malzahar was one champion who seemed really strong with this one while playing on the PBE. The item really amplifies that "press R to win" identity that Malzahar brings and makes capitalizing on catch plays that much easier. 

Now, there's literally no cooldown on the bonus damage that you get for using your ultimate, so Anivia and Swain will be the best abusers of Malignance. Anivia with Malignance, Archangel's, and Liandry's is a three-item core that we expect to be extremely powerful. There's just so much burn potential coming out of both Malignance and Liandry's.

7. Reworked Liandrys

10 new broken items in League of Legends Season 14. Get ready to abuse these powerful additions.
Ability Power 90
Health 300
Passive - Torment: Dealing damage with abilities causes enemies to burn for 2% maximum health magic damage per second for 3 seconds.
Passive Suffering: For each second in combat with enemy champions, gain 2% bonus damage (max at 6% bonus damage).
Speaking of Liandry's, although the item's name is the exact same, it's a completely new item because of how much Riot has changed it. Riot has removed the mana and haste from Liandry's but has given it more AP and health. The ramping damage for being in combat with enemies is also back on the item, so Liandry's is that true battle mage pickup once again.

Watch out for Rumble at the start of Season 14 as rushing Liandry's is now back on the menu and will make his mid-game incredibly strong. Now that Demonic Embrace is being removed, champions that like the item are going to be loving the new Liandry's. Lillia, Singed, Amumu, Udyr, Malzahar, Maokai, Brand, Ksante,  Zyra, and of course, Rumble, are a bunch of champions that should thrive with Liandry's.

Rumble is likely one of the few champions that actually rushes the item since he doesn't rely on mana. But because Liandry's does not offer mana anymore, it's going to be better suited as a second or third pickup on many other champions.

8. Reworked Rocketbelt

10 new broken items in League of Legends Season 14. Get ready to abuse these powerful additions.
Total Cost: 2500 gold
Ability Power 60
Health 300
Ability Haste 15
Rocket Belt is being completely revamped for Season 14, and it's going to be such a perfect pickup on a bunch of champions. The item will now only cost 2500 gold; however, the AP is down, magic pen is gone, while health is increased. So overall, it's a much cheaper spike, and in combination with Rylai's, will be a super nuts two-item core for the likes of Vladimir.

Rylai's is only 2600 gold, and now with Rocket Belt being 700 gold cheaper, your mid-game spike will come much sooner. Any AP champions who want that bit of added durability in their builds for a cheap price should love this new version of Rocket Belt. Ekko being able to get to his three-item core faster should be a huge win for him.

Now, you may be worried about the fact that the item only offers 60 AP instead of 90, but you have to realize the 700 gold you're saving can go towards something like an Amplifying Tome to easily make up for that while having the active available from Rocket Belt much faster. Just being able to complete your core build faster will really feel nice for a lot of champions.

9. Reworked Wits End

10 new broken items in League of Legends Season 14. Get ready to abuse these powerful additions.
Tenacity 20%
Attack Speed 50%
Magic Resist 50
Wits End is getting a mini rework for Season 14, and it's looking pretty nuts. Riot's removing the AD from the item but adding in 20% tenacity. The magic resist and attack speed are both going up, though, which has always made it a great pickup to counter comps with heavier magic damage, and it will become even stronger in that regard for Season 14.

Champions like Akali and Master Yi are largely gated by the fact that team fighting can be very difficult if the enemy comp has heavy crowd control. Wit's End can now help with that tremendously and give those champions a much more consistent team fight presence.

10. Kaenic Rookern

10 new broken items in League of Legends Season 14. Get ready to abuse these powerful additions.
Health 350
Magic Resistance 80
Base Health Regeneration 100%
After not taking damage from champions for 12 seconds, gain a magic shield for 20% of your maximum health.
One of the new tank items being introduced for Season 14 is Kanik Rooker, and it's the hard counter to AP heavy comps. The item provides 80 magic resist, which is by far the most MR that any item has. For comparison, Spirit Visage has 60 magic resist, the second most for any tank item, so there's a 20 magic resist difference. 

Not only do you get an immense amount of magic resist from Rooker, but you also get a magic shield that scales off your health. This shield can reach upwards of 600 health in the mid to late game when you have a few items completed. If the enemy team is completely worthless other than one AP carry who got extremely fed, being able to shut them down by running Kanik Rooker will be really easy. Tanks have lacked that big-ticket magic resist item to counter heavy AP comps, but with the addition of Kanik Rooker, that won't be the case anymore.


In the ever-evolving landscape of League of Legends, mastering the use of new items is essential for maintaining a competitive edge. By harnessing the power of the 10 new broken items in Season 14, players can dominate the battlefield and pave their way to victory. Whether you're seeking to unleash devastating combos or bolster your team's defenses, these items offer limitless potential for those daring enough to wield them.


What makes these items broken in Season 14?

These items possess unique passives and actives that synergize with various champion abilities, allowing players to exert immense pressure on the battlefield.

How can I effectively abuse these items in my games?

To maximize the potential of these items, it's essential to understand their strengths and weaknesses, as well as how they complement your champion's kit.

Are there any specific champions that benefit most from these items?

While these items offer versatility, certain champions excel when utilizing their unique effects, such as mages with Rift Shatter Gauntlet or marksmen with Infinity's Edge of Reality.

Will these items receive balance changes throughout the season?

As with any competitive game, balance changes are inevitable, and developers will likely adjust these items based on player feedback and data analytics.

Are there any counter-strategies against players abusing these items?

Players can mitigate the impact of these items by building appropriate defensive items, coordinating with their team, and exploiting their opponents' weaknesses.

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