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2024's Best Town Hall 11 Base Layouts You Must Try

Discover the top Town Hall 11 base layouts for 2024. Find the best strategies and designs to dominate in Clash of Clans.
Top Town Hall 11 base layouts for 2024 - a must-try selection.
Best TH11 Base Layouts
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In the dynamic world of Clash of Clans, securing a robust town hall 11 base is a critical strategy for players aiming for dominance and resilience in both defense and warfare. Town Hall 11, often abbreviated as TH11, marks a significant stage where players have access to advanced defensive structures and units, making the design of the TH11 base a pivotal factor in their in-game success. The importance of selecting the best town hall 11 base cannot be overstated, as it influences not only the player's ability to safeguard resources but also their prowess in thwarting attacks from adversaries, ensuring a formidable defense in the game's competitive ecosystem.

This article dives deep into the intricacies of creating the most effective town hall 11 base layouts for 2024, categorized into four distinct types: TH11 War Base Designs, TH11 Trophy Base Designs, TH11 Farming Base Designs, and TH11 Hybrid Base Designs. Each section is dedicated to offering comprehensive insights and strategies for crafting bases that cater to specific goals, whether it's for war, securing trophies, farming resources, or achieving a balanced approach with hybrid designs. By exploring these curated TH11 base layouts, players can enhance their strategic planning, fortify their defenses, and elevate their Clash of Clans gameplay to new heights.

TH11 War Base Designs

In the realm of Clash of Clans, TH11 War Base Designs are pivotal for players aiming to excel in war scenarios and Clan War Leagues. These designs focus on robust defense mechanisms that challenge even the most seasoned attackers. Key strategies include the use of symmetrical and asymmetrical layouts which complicate enemy pathing and coordination.

Anti-3 Star

These bases are crafted to prevent attackers from securing a full three-star victory. They feature well-protected Town Halls, often surrounded by high hit-point structures like storages and defensive buildings such as Eagle Artillery and Inferno Towers set to multi-target mode, making it difficult for attackers to reach the core.

Anti-2 Star

Designed to safeguard against easy two-star attacks, these bases position the Town Hall centrally with multiple layers of defense, including strategic placement of traps and heavy artillery like X-Bows in both ground and air modes, ensuring that reaching the Town Hall is a significant challenge.


To counter air attacks, TH11 War Base layouts integrate Air Sweepers strategically pointing towards the most likely avenues of attack, complemented by Air Defenses, Seeking Air Mines, and well-placed Archer Towers to create a formidable anti-air zone.

Symmetric & Asymmetric

Symmetric bases are aesthetically balanced and provide uniform defense coverage, making it hard for attackers to pinpoint a weak spot. Asymmetric bases, on the other hand, use unpredictable layouts that disrupt standard attack strategies, often leading attackers into traps or under-defended sections as they struggle to adapt to the irregular design.

Each of these designs plays a crucial role in a clan's defense strategy, ensuring that every attack is met with calculated resistance and every war is approached with a base that promises durability and complexity.

TH11 Trophy Base Designs

In the competitive arena of Clash of Clans, TH11 Trophy Base Designs are essential for players focused on climbing the trophy ladder. These designs are tailored to protect trophies by minimizing the number of stars an attacker can claim.

Ring Base

The Ring Base design is a popular choice for its ability to confuse and slow down enemy troops. It features a series of concentric circles or 'rings' of defenses that force attackers to engage in prolonged combat, depleting their resources before reaching the core. This layout is especially effective in disrupting the pathing of ground troops and is a formidable barrier against common attack strategies.

Anti-Queen Charge

To specifically counter the Queen Charge tactic, bases incorporate tightly packed defenses with strategic trap placements. This setup ensures that the Archer Queen, a common focal point in many attacks, faces heavy resistance early on, reducing her impact and survivability in the raid.


These bases emphasize robust defenses against ground attacks with well-placed walls and disruptive interior layouts. Key structures like the Inferno Towers and X-Bows are set to target ground units, creating a dense area of defense that ground troops find difficult to penetrate.

Anti-Electro Dragon

To defend against the popular Electro Dragon attacks, bases are designed with spaced-out air defenses and high hit-point buildings at strategic locations. This arrangement mitigates the chain-lightning effect of the Electro Dragons, making them less effective and protecting the base from air-based onslaughts.

Hybrid Base

A Hybrid Base serves dual purposes; it is adept at both defending against attacks and securing trophies. This type of base balances the placement of storages and defensive buildings to lure and trap attackers, ensuring that both resources and trophies are safeguarded effectively.

Each of these TH11 Trophy Base Designs plays a pivotal role in a player's strategy to ascend in the Clash of Clans' competitive ecosystem, providing a solid foundation for both defense and trophy accumulation.

TH11 Farming Base Designs

In the strategic realm of Clash of Clans, TH11 Farming Base Designs are crucial for effectively protecting resources while maintaining a strong defense. These designs are tailored to safeguard Gold, Elixir, and especially Dark Elixir, ensuring that players can continue to upgrade and strengthen their armies and defenses without significant losses.

Loot Protection

This farming layout is meticulously crafted to defend the Black Elixir Storage, which is often a prime target. The base features an Eagle Artillery strategically placed beside the Dark Elixir Storage, guarded by two X-Bows in the central outer compartment, creating a formidable barrier against attackers aiming for quick resource grabs.

Easy Collection

The design of this base ensures that collectors and mines are evenly distributed across the base in inner compartments, making it challenging for attackers to reach all resources without facing heavy defenses. This setup not only protects resources but also disrupts enemy pathing, leading to inefficient attacks.

Anti-Queen Charge

To counter the popular Queen Charge strategy, this base incorporates tightly packed defenses with strategic trap placements around key structures like the Inferno Towers and X-Bows. These defenses are designed to engage the Archer Queen early in the attack, diminishing her impact significantly.

Anti-Aerial Raid

Addressing threats from the air, the base layout includes well-placed Air Sweepers and Air Defenses, complemented by Seeking Air Mines. This arrangement effectively reduces the potency of air attacks, particularly from units like Electro Dragons, by disrupting their path and minimizing the chain-lightning effect.

Anti-Hybrid Attacks

Hybrid attacks, which combine different troop types, are met with a base structure that creates deadly segments difficult for any single troop type to breach. The integration of varied defenses forces attackers to meticulously plan their troop composition and attack strategy, often leading to failed attempts due to the complex layout and well-placed traps.

Each aspect of the TH11 Farming Base Designs is engineered to optimize protection and resource retention, making these layouts a top choice for players focused on farming and resource accumulation.

TH11 Hybrid Base Designs

Town Hall 11 hybrid base designs are crafted to offer a balance between strong defense and efficient resource protection, making them ideal for players who engage in both farming and defensive strategies. These bases incorporate strategic placements of newly accessible defenses such as the upgraded Wizard Towers and additional X-Bows, which are crucial for repelling attackers.

Balanced Defense

Hybrid bases at TH11 level are designed with a balanced defense that utilizes both ground and air defensive structures effectively. The placement of Eagle Artillery and upgraded Wizard Towers ensures comprehensive coverage against a variety of attack strategies.

Loot and Trophy Protection

The core of these bases is heavily fortified to protect the Town Hall and storages. This setup not only safeguards resources but also makes it challenging for attackers to achieve a high star rating, thus preserving trophies.

Anti-2 and 3 Star

These bases are engineered to minimize the chances of attackers securing two or three stars. With multiple layers of defense surrounding the Town Hall, including strategic trap placements, these bases complicate enemy pathing and coordination.

Anti-Electro Dragon

To counter the popular Electro Dragon attacks, these bases feature spaced-out Air Defenses and high hit-point buildings strategically placed to disrupt the chain-lightning effect, enhancing the base’s resilience against air assaults.

Anti-Ground Defense

Focusing on robust ground defense, these bases integrate an array of Cannons, Archer Towers, and the Grand Warden to create a formidable barrier that ground units find difficult to penetrate, ensuring the base remains secure against ground-based attacks.


Navigating through the varied strategies and base layouts for Town Hall 11, it’s clear that the journey to mastering Clash of Clans at this level is both intricate and rewarding. By dissecting the nuances of TH11 War Base, Trophy Base, Farming Base, and Hybrid Base Designs, this article has laid a foundation upon which players can build formidable defenses and achieve in-game success. Whether the aim is to dominate in wars, climb the trophy ladder, protect valuable resources, or maintain a balance between offense and defense, the shared insights and strategies offer a blueprint for players to enhance their gameplay and strategic planning.

The significance of choosing and fine-tuning the right base layout cannot be understated, as it directly impacts a player’s ability to secure resources, defend against attacks, and assert dominance within the Clash of Clans universe. As we looked into each base design’s strengths and potential weaknesses, the broader implications of these choices become evident, influencing not just individual success but also the collective strength of clans in wars and competitions. With this in-depth exploration, players are encouraged to adapt, experiment, and refine their approaches, ensuring that their TH11 base becomes a cornerstone of their clashing legacy.


What constitutes a strong army composition for Town Hall 11?

A highly effective Town Hall 11 army setup is the BoWiBa strategy, which includes Bowlers, Witches, Wizards, and Bats, with Ice Golems acting as tanks. This ground attack strategy becomes even more powerful when Bat Spells are used to target and neutralize Inferno Towers.

How can I duplicate a base layout in Clash of Clans?

To copy a base layout in Clash of Clans, you'll need to visit the base that you want to duplicate. Then, view the base and look for the option to copy it, which is typically available if the base belongs to a clanmate or in certain other permissible scenarios.

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