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Best TH10 Base Layouts with Links 2024: Anti-Everything Designs for Town Hall 10 Clash of Clans

Discover top TH10 base layouts for Clash of Clans in 2024. Find anti-everything designs with links for Town Hall 10 on our website.
TH10 Base Layouts 2024: Anti-Everything Designs for Town Hall 10 Clash of Clans. Get the best base designs with links.
Best TH10 Base Layouts

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As players progress in Clash of Clans, securing a TH10 base becomes paramount to safeguarding one's resources and maintaining a strong defensive stance in the game. The transition to Town Hall 10 marks a significant milestone where the complexity of attacks and the strategic depth of defense layouts intensify. Selecting the right townhall 10 base layout is not just about protection; it's about signaling prowess, deterring attackers, and securing victories whether in war scenarios or for trophy hunting. This stakes the importance of a meticulously planned TH10 base in the broader strategy of advancing within the game.

This article will explore an array of TH10 base layouts tailored to different defensive strategies, from anti 2-star bases designed to minimize the damage from attacks to anti 3-star designs aimed at preventing total annihilation. Additionally, we will delve into hybrid TH10 base designs that balance resource protection with defense, alongside specialized layouts for war and trophy pushing. Whether you're scouring for the best clash of clans base to fortify your resources or a formidable coc th10 base to stand your ground in wars, this compilation aims to serve as a comprehensive guide to elevate your defensive game plan at Town Hall 10.

Top Anti 2-Star TH10 Base Layouts

As the challenges and threats evolve at Town Hall 10 in Clash of Clans, players seek robust defensive strategies to protect their bases from being easily conquered. The Anti 2-Star TH10 base layouts are specifically designed to minimize the chances of attackers scoring two stars, focusing on strategic placement of traps, defensive buildings, and the Town Hall itself.

One effective layout includes placing the Town Hall in a seemingly isolated area, which is, in reality, heavily guarded by a Tesla Farm, Seeking Air Mines, and a variety of traps like Giant Bombs and Spring Traps. This setup often catches attackers off-guard, disrupting their strategies if they target the Town Hall directly without a backup plan.

Furthermore, the surrounding moat is engineered to funnel attacking troops, particularly the Archer Queen and her healers, into the range of Air Defenses. This can prematurely force the Queen's ability or lead to her downfall if not managed swiftly by the attacker. The presence of high DPS from the hidden Tesla Farm adds another layer of surprise that can thwart queen walk or queen charge strategies.

Another key feature of these bases is the use of asymmetrical designs, which makes each entry point unique and unpredictable. This complexity in layout makes it challenging for attackers to plan and predict the placement of traps and defensive structures, thereby increasing the likelihood of a failed attack.

In addition to strategic placement of the Town Hall and traps, these bases often employ two single-target Inferno Towers, which are particularly effective against popular TH10 attack strategies like Pekka Smash and mass Dragon attacks. The Inferno Towers provide a robust defense against heavy and high-hitpoint units that might otherwise overwhelm other types of defenses.

Lastly, many of these bases are designed with numerous closed compartments, making it difficult for ground troops to navigate and breach the core. This design ensures that key buildings are well-protected and hard to reach, further securing the base against both air and ground attacks.

These Anti 2-Star TH10 base layouts are tested in various leagues, proving their effectiveness in maintaining trophies and providing a solid defense strategy that challenges even seasoned players. By integrating these layouts into their defensive strategies, players can significantly enhance their ability to defend against two-star attacks, making their journey through Town Hall 10 both successful and strategic.

Best Anti 3-Star TH10 Base Layouts

As players advance to Town Hall 10 in Clash of Clans, the need for bases that can withstand heavy assaults becomes crucial. The best anti 3-star TH10 base layouts are designed to prevent attackers from achieving a complete three-star victory, utilizing strategic placements of defenses and traps. These layouts are critical for players focused on maintaining their stronghold in both war and trophy pushing scenarios.

One prominent design features a double single Inferno setup, which is currently popular in the meta. This configuration excels against spam attacks involving high DPS troops like Dragons or mass P.E.K.K.A. The Town Hall is strategically placed in a far corner, creating awkward pathing for siege machines such as blimps and wall wreckers. This placement forces attackers to meticulously plan their entry points and attack strategies, often leading to suboptimal deployment and execution.

Central to these bases is the placement of the Clan Castle (CC) and ground X-Bow, which significantly enhance the base's defense by adding high DPS to combat Queen charges effectively. The layout also includes a 'no-fly zone' on one side of the base, heavily fortified with an air-targeting X-Bow and a stack of Red Air Bombs adjacent to the Town Hall. This area is particularly effective against air attacks, as it disrupts the common Lava Hound deployment strategy, ensuring that the air bombs target the Balloons instead.

Additionally, the interior of the base features a Tesla Farm near high HP structures like the Town Hall. This not only adds a surprise element due to its rarity but also provides significant DPS and strategic trap placement opportunities. The area around the Tesla Farm is heavily trapped with three Giant Bombs, two Ground Skeleton Traps, and several Spring Traps, making it a deadly zone for Hogs and Miners.

Defensive replays show that even well-planned attacks struggle against these layouts. In one example, an attacker using a Queen charge Lavaloon strategy lost a significant portion of their Balloons to a cleverly placed Red Air Bomb stack, while the Queen was overwhelmed by multiple high DPS defenses she couldn't reach. This left the core of the base and the Town Hall almost untouched, securing the base against a three-star attempt.

In another instance, a ground-based attack with a mixture of Golems and P.E.K.K.A.s (GoWiPe) attempted to breach the base. Despite minimal funneling and strategic jumps to target the Infernos, the base's defenses, including the Lava Hound in the CC and the Tesla Farm, effectively stalled and eliminated the high HP troops, leaving the base largely intact.

These anti 3-star TH10 base layouts not only challenge the attackers with their complex and unpredictable designs but also ensure that even if parts of the base are breached, the overall structure remains strong enough to prevent a full three-star defeat. By integrating these designs, players can significantly enhance their defensive capabilities at Town Hall 10, making their bases formidable fortresses in Clash of Clans.

Hybrid TH10 Base Designs

Hybrid TH10 base designs in Clash of Clans offer a versatile approach to both defending resources and maintaining a strong defensive stance. These bases are meticulously crafted to balance the protection of the town hall and storages, making them ideal for players who engage in both farming and war.

At the heart of a successful hybrid TH10 base is the strategic placement of the town hall, typically positioned centrally. This central placement is fortified by the most potent defensive structures, including Inferno Towers set to single target mode and X-bows configured to cover both ground and air attacks. This arrangement ensures that even if some air defenses are compromised, the Inferno Towers and X-bows continue to protect against aerial threats effectively.

Surrounding the town hall are various defensive buildings like Wizard Towers and Bomb Towers, strategically placed across the base to handle a range of attack strategies. These towers are crucial for dealing with grouped enemy troops, thereby enhancing the base's overall resilience against farming attacks.

One of the key strategies in hybrid TH10 bases is the frequent necessity for attackers to use spells at multiple stages of their assault. This tactic depletes their resources, making it challenging to secure a full-star victory as the battle progresses. Additionally, traps are cleverly positioned in front of defensive structures to weaken or eliminate some of the attacking troops before they can inflict significant damage.

Moreover, the storage buildings for gold, elixir, and dark elixir are intentionally placed far apart from one another. This dispersion forces attackers to extend their efforts across the base to collect all the resources, thereby reducing the likelihood of losing substantial loot in a single attack. This aspect is crucial for a hybrid base, as it deters enemies from easily plundering accumulated resources.

The aesthetic changes at Town Hall 10, such as the vinous and dark-grey color scheme and the additional architectural features like lava streams and eruptions, also play a subtle role in the psychological impact on attackers, often indicating a well-fortified base.

With the addition of new buildings at this level, including more Gold and Elixir Storages, Dark Elixir Drills, and an increased arsenal of Cannons, Archer Towers, X-bows, and Inferno Towers, the base's defensive capabilities are significantly enhanced. The layout also includes new traps like the Giant Bomb, Air Bomb, and Seeking Air Mine, further complicating the attackers' strategies.

These hybrid bases are not only functional in protecting resources and the town hall but are also designed to adapt to the dual demands of war and farming, making them a top choice for players looking to excel in both aspects of the game.

War & Trophy TH10 Base Layouts

In the competitive landscape of Clash of Clans, particularly at Town Hall 10, players are constantly seeking robust base designs that can secure both war victories and trophy gains. The War & Trophy TH10 base layouts are engineered to withstand intense assaults, often focusing on anti-air and anti-ground strategies to thwart common attack styles.

Strategic Base Designs for War and Trophy Pushing

The essence of a successful TH10 War and Trophy base lies in its ability to balance defensive strength with strategic layout complexity. These bases typically feature a mix of anti-three-star and anti-two-star configurations, making them versatile for both Clan Wars and trophy climbing in higher leagues such as the Champion and Legend leagues.

One popular design incorporates a centralized Town Hall, surrounded by a well-planned mix of defensive structures like X-bows set to both ground and air modes, and Inferno Towers configured in single-target mode to deter tank-heavy compositions. The placement of the Clan Castle in the core, laden with high DPS troops, adds an extra layer of defense, crucial for disrupting enemy strategies.

Anti-Air and Anti-Ground Features

To counter air attacks, these bases often include an array of Air Defenses, Seeking Air Mines, and strategically placed Wizard Towers that can decimate Balloon and Dragon strategies. The anti-air zones are complemented by a 'no-fly zone' which is heavily fortified with Air Sweepers pointing in directions that push back against the common air attack paths.

For ground-based threats, the bases utilize a combination of tight compartmentalization and open areas that manipulate attacker pathing. This layout forces ground troops like Golems and Valkyries into deadly zones filled with Bombs, Spring Traps, and Skeleton Traps, significantly diminishing the potency of the attack before reaching critical structures.

Adaptability for CWL and Trophy Pushing

These bases are not only formidable in regular wars but are also designed with features that make them suitable for the Clan War Leagues (CWL). The adaptability comes from their ability to switch between anti-three-star and anti-two-star layouts with minor adjustments, allowing players to respond to the evolving meta and opponent strategies effectively.

The Trophy pushing aspect is particularly enhanced by the outer ring of the base, which is typically laden with defensive structures that challenge even the most seasoned attackers to secure more than one star, thus protecting the player's trophy count.

Popular Base Links and Downloads

Many of these top-performing War and Trophy bases are available through community-shared links, which provide players with the opportunity to directly import and use tested and proven layouts. These bases often come with high ratings and reviews from other players, indicating their effectiveness in real-world scenarios. The availability of these links makes it easier for players to adapt and evolve their strategies without the need to design from scratch.

By incorporating these strategic elements into their TH10 bases, players can significantly bolster their defenses, making their bases daunting fortresses in both Clan Wars and trophy-pushing endeavors. The key to success lies in continually adapting and optimizing the base to keep up with the changing tactics and strategies employed by attackers at this level.


Throughout this comprehensive review of TH10 base layouts, we have traversed the multifaceted avenues of defense in Clash of Clans. From the intricacies of Anti 2-Star and Anti 3-Star layouts to the dual-purpose resilience of Hybrid TH10 configurations, and ultimately, the specialized defenses tailored for War and Trophy pushing, this exploration underpins the critical significance of choosing the appropriate base layout. Such choices not only enhance a player’s defensive prowess but also contribute significantly to their strategic advancement in the game, impacting trophy counts, resource protection, and success in clan wars.

Embarking on the journey through TH10 with an optimized base layout offers an undeniable advantage, signifying not just the player's growth but also showcasing their strategic depth and commitment to both individual and clan achievement. As the landscape of Clash of Clans continues to evolve, so too should the strategies and layouts employed by players at this pivotal stage. The shared insights and layouts serve as a robust foundation from which players can build, adapt, and innovate, ensuring their progression through Town Hall 10 is both successful and rewarding. Whether for the seasoned veteran assessing new tactics or the newly minted TH10 looking to fortify their defenses, the importance of a well-considered base layout cannot be overstated.


What constitutes the most effective army for Town Hall 10?

The optimal army setup for Town Hall 10 typically includes 10 Dragons, 8 Balloons, 6 Lightning Spells, 1 Rage Spell, 3 Freeze Spells, and additional Balloons from the Clan Castle.

What is the cost associated with upgrading to Town Hall 10?

The cost to upgrade to Town Hall 10 varies based on several factors including previous investments and current resource levels.

How much time is required to upgrade to Town Hall 10?

The duration of the upgrade to Town Hall 10 depends on your current progress and resource availability.

How can I duplicate a base layout in Clash of Clans?

To duplicate a base layout in Clash of Clans, visit the profile of the player whose layout you wish to copy. If their base layout is public, you can simply click the 'Copy Layout' button to adopt their setup for your village or war base.

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