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New Rocket Balloon Spotlight Event: Free 150 Ice Cube and 150 Super Medal Link Included

Delve into the Rocket Balloon Spotlight Event: A Closer Look at How it Works in Clash of Clans, exploring its mechanics, strategies, and rewards.
Rocket Balloon Spotlight Event: A detailed view of Clash of Clans' Rocket Balloon mechanics and gameplay.
The Clash team is back with another exciting Super Troop' Rocket Balloon Spotlight Event, responding to feedback from players like you. This time around, the spotlight shines on the Rocket Balloon, offering players a chance to obtain free ore. Hey Clashers, Welcome back to ModLegends! In this article, we'll delve into the details of this event, providing insights and strategies to make the most out of it.


Rocket Balloon Spotlight Event: A detailed view of Clash of Clans' Rocket Balloon mechanics and gameplay.
The Rocket Balloon is the star of this season's Super Troop Spotlight event, available to all Town Hall 8 and above players. Similar to the Super Dragon Spotlight event from last month, the Rocket Balloon serves as a temporary troop, unlocking as the first free reward. Upon unlocking, it appears in the army training tab and remains available throughout the event duration.

Strategy for Utilizing Rocket Balloons

If you are a Town Hall 11 and above, you will have the option to have three super troops boosted since the Rocket Balloon is technically the special event troop. Now, if you've never used a Rocket Balloon before, it is just like a normal balloon; the only difference is that it has increased movement speed for the first 4 seconds. It's also a defensive-seeking troop and very vulnerable to the Archer Queen.

But the thing about the Rocket Balloon is that you do not need to drop all of them in one place; you can actually drop them throughout the base. You'll see the difference between the normal balloon and the Rocket Balloon speed.

So, what's really cool about the Rocket Balloon is that you can just trickle them in, maybe one or two at a time, to take out defenses and basically wreck opponents out in multiplayer battles.

Ice Cube Collection and Rewards

Rocket Balloon Spotlight Event: A detailed view of Clash of Clans' Rocket Balloon mechanics and gameplay.
During this event, your task is to collect a special resource called ice cubes by attacking other players' villages. Each star earned will award 200 ice cubes towards your total score. If you're using a normal army without Rocket Balloons, you could earn 600 ice cubes for a three-star. By adding Rocket Balloons to your army, 300 bonus ice cubes will be added to your overall score.
Rocket Balloon Spotlight Event Reward
Just like the Super Dragon Spotlight event, there's also a rewards track with two different tiers that require the collection of 10,000 ice cubes to fill. Alternatively, you could simply gem it to finish and unlock items such as exclusive decor, a 30% training boost, and/or to spend on hero equipment. The bottom tier is the free rewards track which awards 3,150 super medals, and the upper tier is for players who purchase the special event pass with real money to earn an additional 5,000 super medals. The price on that pass is more than likely going to be $4.99. All of those super medals can be spent in the Rocket Balloon Spotlight section of the trader tent.

Trader's Tent Offerings

Once you've completed the main rewards track, you can continue to collect 8,000 more ice cubes to fill a bonus track worth an additional 650 super medals. They were trying to make things a little less grindy than they were last month. One of the things you're going to notice about this Trader shop is that they are not offering any free skins, nor is there hero equipment available for purchase. I think what they're trying to do here is offer you guys more options to collect or for those hero equipment upgrades because a lot of players have been getting discouraged with the pace of the offerings or the pace of the release of hero equipment and trying to upgrade them. It just starts to feel like you're falling farther and farther behind.
Rocket Balloon Spotlight Event Deals
There are three different options up top for Starry, Glowy, and Shiny ore, and then below that, there are more options to purchase the same resources. The first one, Star ore, can only be purchased once for 70 star ore and 2,000 super medals. It's really not a lot. Glowy ore can be purchased twice for 1,500 gems per purchase and 400 of the glowy ore. The shiny ore can be purchased three times for 1,500 super medals, which is 4,500 super medals if you buy all three, and a total of 6,000 of the shiny ore.

Free 150 Ice Cube & Free 150 Super Medal

When we get to the next section, we have Starry, Glowy, and Shiny ore, and it looks like the star ore can be purchased nine times for 325 super medals, which is 2,925 total for a whopping 90 star ore, which is really not a lot in the grand scheme of things. Glowy ore can be purchased 15 times for 280 medals, 4,200 in total, for 900 of the glowy ore. Then the shiny ore can be purchased 40 times for 325 medals, which is 14,000 super medals for 14,000 shiny ore. Below that, you have the option for another exclusive decoration, runes, books, shovel, potions, wall rings, etc. You really have to look at how many of the super medals you have based on whether you're playing for free or you're spending money and really decide what is the best option for your accounts.


How long does the Rocket Balloon Spotlight event last?

The event starts on April 11th and runs for a limited duration.

What are the benefits of incorporating Rocket Balloons into my army?

Rocket Balloons offer increased movement speed and target defensive structures, aiding in successful attacks.

How can I maximize my ice cube collection during the event?

Focus on achieving three-star victories and consider utilizing Rocket Balloons for bonus ice cubes.

Are there any exclusive rewards for purchasing the special event pass?

Yes, the special event pass unlocks additional tiers of rewards, including exclusive decorations and resource boosts.

What should I prioritize in the Trader Tent offerings?

Evaluate your current resources and goals to determine the most valuable purchases, considering exclusive decorations, resources, and upgrades.

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