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5 Tips to Win Your Placement Games and Climb the Ranked Ladder

Learn how to secure victories in your placement games and ascend the ranked ladder with our comprehensive guide.
5 Tips to Win Your Placement Games and Climb the Ranked Ladder


Placements can feel like an absolute nightmare to play – all the pressure is on you, and everybody's excited to start the new season off strong. Hey, what's going on Summoners, my name is Saurabh Kumar, and we're gonna be taking a look at the five tips to win your placement games. With the season starting up, players are going to be try harding yet again to climb the ranked ladder. Whether you're silver or Challenger, it can feel a little bit intimidating to get back into the groove of things. In this article, we'll be breaking down five key tips that you can use to not only win your placement games but to stay sane during them. Let's not waste any more time and dive right into the strategies!

Preparing for Champion Select

Every season, games seem to be decided more and more during Champion Select. The introduction of role swapping and Anonymous lobbies has added a new layer to creating a proper team composition. Here are some steps to prepare for Champion Select:

1. Know Your Bans

Make sure you already have your top three champions to ban in mind. Great ban options are overpowered champions that can single-handedly carry games, hard counters to your champion if you have to blind pick, or simply champions you find annoying.

2. Develop a Champion Pool

Whether you're a one-trick or have a small champion pool, make sure you're well-versed in a maximum of three champions for your role. This should include a blindable champion, your main champion, and a versatile pick to round out your pool.

Building an Effective Champion Pool

Having a diverse but manageable champion pool is essential for success in ranked games. Here's how to do it effectively:

1. One-Tricking

If you are a one-trick, make sure to ban your hardest counter if they're popular. Otherwise, ban an overpowered champion to increase your chances of a favorable matchup.

2. Limited Champion Pool

If you're not one-tricking, limit your champion pool to three. Include a blindable character, your main champion, and a versatile pick that complements your team's composition.

Limiting Play Time for Optimal Performance

Playing too many games in a row can lead to burnout and decreased performance. Here's how to manage your play time effectively:

1. Play with Purpose

Limit your games to a maximum of five per day and play them with complete focus and dedication. Statistics show that players tend to perform best on their third game of the day.

2. Play High-Quality Games

Focus on playing a few high-quality games rather than mindlessly spamming matches. Use this time to focus on specific aspects of your gameplay and improve your skills.

Taking Mental Breaks for a Clear Mind

League of Legends can be tilting at times, and it's crucial to maintain a clear and focused mind during your climb:

1. Find Your Reset Ritual

Take breaks between games to reset mentally. Whether it's taking a walk, exercising, or watching informative content, find what helps you relax and reset.

2. Avoid Tilt

Tilt can negatively impact your performance. Don't let losses affect your mental state; take a break and come back with a fresh perspective.

Using Dodges Wisely to Avoid Unfavorable Matches

Dodging can be a valuable tactic when used strategically. Here's how to make the most of it:

1. Identify Unfavorable Matches

Pay attention to unfavorable team compositions or autofills that could hinder your chances of winning.

2. Preserve MMR

Dodging doesn't cost LP in placements, but it does impact your MMR. Use dodges sparingly to maintain a higher MMR for better climbing opportunities.

Taking it Slow and Focusing on Improvement

Finally, remember that placements are just the beginning of your climb:

1. Placements Aren't Everything

Where you place doesn't determine where you'll stay. Focus on improvement, and with practice, you can reach your desired rank.


Climbing the ranked ladder can be both challenging and rewarding. By following these five tips, you'll increase your chances of winning your placement games and achieving success in the new season. Remember to stay focused, take care of your mental well-being, and continually strive to improve your gameplay. With dedication and effort, you can become the best Summoner you can be and climb to new heights!


Can I play more than five games a day during placements?

While you technically can, it's not recommended. To maximize your performance, limit your games to a few high-quality matches.

Why is dodging important during placements?

Dodging can help you avoid unfavorable matchups or team compositions, preserving your MMR and saving you from wasting time on unwinnable games.

Should I be discouraged by a low placement rank?

No, placements only determine your starting point. With continuous improvement and practice, you can climb to higher ranks.

How can I stay mentally strong during placements?

Take regular mental breaks, find a reset ritual that works for you, and avoid letting losses affect your mindset.

How can I build an effective champion pool?

Choose champions you're comfortable with and that complement your team's composition. Limit your pool to a manageable number to maximize your proficiency.

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