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Soul Fighter Cosplay Guide: Samira, Sett, Pyke, Lux, Draven & more

Discover the ultimate Soul Fighter Cosplay Guide featuring Samira, Sett, Pyke, Lux, Draven, and more, and bring your favorite LoL characters.
Soul Fighter Cosplay Guide: Samira, Sett, Pyke, Lux, Draven & more | Riot Games

From the far reaches of the world, individuals with awakened souls have been summoned to participate in the awe-inspiring Tournament of Souls! This televised spectacle surpasses all forms of entertainment, as warriors engage in intense 1v1 battles until only one emerges victorious, obtaining the ultimate prize—the fulfillment of their deepest desires!

These extraordinary fighters have attained their awakened souls through trials fought on both physical and mental battlefields. Each of them possesses unique abilities that mirror their inner essence and the power to manifest their spirit's very core. Some wield their strength with discipline and training, while others unleash it as a weapon of destruction. They are the valiant SOUL FIGHTERS!

The Soul Fighter Fits

The Soul Fighter universe is home to a diverse array of warriors, each adorned in distinct attire that accentuates their individual personas in combat. These fighters, often with chiseled physiques, showcase costumes with sharp geometric cuts, featuring clean and bold fabrics complemented by simple trims. Metal detailing is incorporated into their outfits, primarily on zippers or leather belts. These belts are adorned with unique and oversized buckles, each symbolizing the personality and identity of the fighter wearing them. Above all, these fierce warriors manifest their souls in the form of extraordinary abilities or weapons. Known as "soul power," these manifestations are depicted as passionate, burning flames that reflect the innermost identity of the soul fighter. These soul flames consist of a bright core color, a second main-body color, and a dark accent color that dances along the surface of the fighter's manifested weapon or ability.

If you want to resemble an anime dream infused with the flair of a fighting game character stepping right off the screen, congratulations, you have succeeded!




Meet Samira, a renowned bounty hunter who never rests, always in pursuit of her next thrill! As a weapons master, she is well-versed in using every dangerous tool at her disposal, ready to fight in the Tournament of Souls with unparalleled STYLE! Rumor has it that she aims to claim the crown, so our gracious host better stay on guard! Presenting... SAMIRA!


Samira dons a striking red jacket with a visually captivating lower half design, evident in her long coattail and gun holsters featuring exaggerated shapes and adorned with numerous belts and buckles. Her outfit boasts an asymmetrical design, with differing straps on each leg in front of her long coattail. While the jacket is a vibrant red, Samira's ensemble incorporates other colors such as black and white. A streak of electric blue runs through her braid, matching her other guns and blending seamlessly with the bright red on her blade. The outfit is further accentuated with chain detailing, adding flair from her hair to the tail of her jacket.


Samira's design as a Soul Fighter takes inspiration from the need to create contrast between her and the event's antagonist, Viego. Thus, her jacket stands out in popping red, showcasing her expertise in chaining combos together on the Rift and in her Soul Fighter outfit. The chains throughout her look symbolize her control over the power of the god's eye, bound to her as if by shackles, accentuating her agility and adding dynamism to her moves in the ring.




Presenting Sett, the fighter who firmly believes that fists can solve anything! He has earned the title of winning the most local tournaments in recorded history, and he's not just doing it for show—though his impressive victories do make him look good. Sett aims to ascend the ranks to become a soul-fighting legend, all to make his mother proud. It's none other than Sssssett!


Sett's outfit exudes an air of looseness and comfort, primarily dominated by a navy blue color with hints of bright teal. His pants are inspired by a traditional Gi, and he wraps his feet with white bandaging. Similarly, he wraps his hands under his gauntlets for added stability and cushioning while dealing devastating blows to his opponents. The light and airy fabric of his attire is complemented by brown leather belts adorning his pants, chest, and shoulders. Small golden crowns serve as intricate details throughout his outfit.


Given Sett's emphasis on using his fists, his Soul Fighter outfit was designed to provide maneuverability, essential for delivering powerful punches to his adversaries. The wrapping under his gauntlets and feet adds both stability and cushioning during combat. Additionally, the small golden crown details aptly reflect Sett's high regard for himself as a formidable fighter.




Enter Pyke, an un-alived assailer with unfinished business—the desire to duke it out in the ring! There are rumors that he was brought back from the brink by a friend, setting the stage for a truly intense fight! Get ready for Pyke!


Pyke's go-to outfit features a purplish navy jacket worn like a cape around his shoulders. The jacket is accentuated with oversized gold zippers and large black belt shoulder pads. The back of the jacket boasts three exaggeratedly large zipper pull tabs, and underneath it, he wears a thick white cloth collar. His face mask comprises several purple belts looping around the lower part of his face and neck. A large black leather belt, consisting of three parallel belts held together by an oversized gold buckle, wraps around his waist. For his lower body, Pyke sports purplish navy flared chaps over blue pants and gold-toed black leather boots. His weapon, a dagger made of soul energy, features a cyan blue inner part and a hot pink outer lining.


As a Soul Fighter, Pyke's outfit mirrors the anime fighting game theme, with most characters being humanoids. Designing his outfit proved challenging due to his quadruped form. The design team sought inspiration from pet owners who cosplayed their animals as anime characters, ensuring that Pyke's outfit fit seamlessly into the anime-heavy theme. The team added the eye motif to Pyke's dagger, chest, and eye scar, symbolizing the soul energy that imbues him as a fighter.




Behold Naafiri, a failed experiment, a DEMA DOG, and a four-legged fighter! With a myriad of titles and the ability to summon separate entities, Naafiri's motivations remain a mystery. Is it revenge on its former masters? World domination? We can't say for sure, but one thing is certain—Naafiri is a force to be reckoned with!


Naafiri, being an assassin, dons a dark leather vest and belt, accentuated with themed belt buckles on both its jaw and maw. A touch of gold adds elegance around its paws.


Designing Naafiri's outfit posed a unique challenge due to its quadruped form, distinct from the mostly humanoid character roster of Soul Fighters. The team looked to pet owners who cosplayed their animals as anime characters for inspiration. The aim was to create an outfit that fits Naafiri naturally within the anime-heavy theme, without forcing human-like clothing on it. The design incorporates a dark leather vest and belt, with gold accents, capturing Naafiri's identity as an agile and deadly assassin.




Meet Lux, a fighter on the run from her family, seeking refuge in the most unexpected place—on TV! Behind her composed facade lies a troubled past, and the ring offers her the perfect arena to confront her inner demons. As a betting man, it's safe to say that she'll use her soul's desire to banish her drama. Here's Lux!


Soul Fighter Lux boasts a delightful mix of warm yellow, light cyan, and bright white as her main colors. Dark blue fabrics add depth to her design, while her leather jacket features sharp features with overlaying straps and gold elements, such as her bird brooch and the logo on her back featuring two birds facing a spark. Lux's short and youthful hair displays a gradient between two light pastel colors: blue and pink. Her face is framed by the sharp, triangular shape of a white color, evoking the fantasy of a sailor uniform within her outfit.


Lux's soul power, inspired by the duality of her chain and wings of freedom, introduces a prismatic combination of fiery colors, including cyan, pink, and bright yellow. The team added leather belts to her neck, arms, waist, and legs, enhancing her design and emphasizing her individuality as a fighter. Additionally, her round bubbly hat with two gold wings adds a layer of intrigue to her outfit, perfect for concealing her identity on the big screen.




Presenting Nilah, who in the past joined forces with other soul fighters to vanquish the Thousand-Eyed God. As per rumors, she managed to retain one of the God's eyes. Brace yourselves for the mysterious God Slayer, possessing the most radiant smile we've ever seen—the Boundless Joy herself: Niiilah!!!


Nilah's fighting garb primarily features a deep purple hue, complemented by various shades of violet. Her loose-fitting parachute pants allow for better maneuverability during duels. She adorns her eyes with a white cloth wrapped with an eye symbol on each one. Her whip, vibrant green highlighted in violet, features an eye at its base before twisting together. On her hip, she carries her Urumi, matching the color of her whip, held by a gold chain wrapped around her waist.


Nilah's outfit shines with vivid purples, making her stand out gloriously among her fellow competitors. The looser fit of her pants enhances her mobility during combat. Her eyes are covered by cloth, further emphasizing her captivating smile. The eye motif on the cloth and the Urumi enhances the mystery surrounding this formidable God Slayer.




Introducing Draven, the golden boy of the Tournament of Souls! Known for his over-the-top fights and even more over-the-top personality, he has been a fan favorite to win from the start. Driven by his love for attention, he is none other than the Hysterical Hyena, the GLORIOUS EXECUTIONER HIMSELF: DRAAAVEN!!!


Draven's outfit predominantly features a white and deep purple color scheme, with pops of gold adding extra flair. His purple leather jacket boasts flame detailing at the back and on the cuffs, outlined in pink. A touch of white fur adorns the neck of the jacket, while the front features the same vibrant pink, outlining the flames. Gold detailing is intricately incorporated throughout his outfit, with gold stars adorning the cuffs and back of the jacket. Draven prefers to show off his six-pack and purple star tattoos on his chest, choosing not to wear a shirt. His axes, flaming pink to match the flames on his jacket, complete his striking appearance.


Draven's design highlights his superstar status in the Tournament of Souls. With numerous pops of gold, he stands out as the charismatic and flamboyant performer in the arena. The team incorporated elements that reflect his identity as the GLORIOUS EXECUTIONER, a master of style and showmanship. His outfit perfectly complements his flashy moves, making him a true show-stopper in every sense.


The Soul Fighters of the Tournament of Souls bring with them a diverse range of backgrounds, motivations, and captivating designs. Each fighter's soul power is a manifestation of their inner essence, expressed through vibrant and mesmerizing flames. From Samira's thrilling bounty hunting adventures to Draven's flamboyant and attention-grabbing performances, each fighter leaves a lasting impression on both the ring and the audience.

The Soul Fighter Cosplay Guide showcases not only the exceptional creativity and craftsmanship of the designers but also the allure of the Soul Fighter universe. With their distinctive outfits and unique abilities, these fighters have undoubtedly carved their place in the hearts of fans worldwide.

So, if you ever wish to embody the spirit of these extraordinary warriors and step into the shoes of a Soul Fighter, remember to don their fierce costumes, channel their soul power, and unleash your inner champion in the Tournament of Souls!


Can I cosplay as a Soul Fighter without participating in the Tournament of Souls?

Absolutely! The Soul Fighter costumes are popular among cosplayers and fans of the game alike. You can embrace the essence of your favorite Soul Fighter by recreating their striking outfits and bringing their soul power to life through stunning cosplays.

Are there any additional Soul Fighters to be introduced in Round 2 of the Soul Fighter Cosplay Guide?

Yes, the Soul Fighter Cosplay Guide: Round 2 is currently in the works! Be on the lookout for the introduction of more fascinating Soul Fighters with unique designs and powerful abilities.

How can I watch the Tournament of Souls?

The Tournament of Souls is a televised spectacle, so you can watch the thrilling battles of the Soul Fighters unfold on your favorite streaming platforms or TV channels. Keep an eye out for announcements regarding the event's schedule and broadcast details.

Do Soul Fighters possess any other abilities apart from their soul power?

Each Soul Fighter's soul power is their most prominent ability, but some fighters may possess additional skills or techniques that they have honed through their training and experiences. The combination of their soul power and supplementary abilities makes them formidable opponents in the ring.

Where can I find the official merchandise and Soul Fighter Cosplay Guide?

Official merchandise and the Soul Fighter Cosplay Guide are available on Riot Games' official website and affiliated stores. You can also find cosplay enthusiasts sharing their creations and tips on various online platforms.

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