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13 Pay to Win Skins in League of Legends

13 Pay to Win Skins in League of Legends

Hey, what's going on Summoners? My name is Saurabh Kumar, and today we'll be diving into the world of League of Legends to explore 13 "pay to win" skins. Usually, skins are meant to be a cosmetic change, allowing you to customize your Champion to your liking. However, some skins offer unexpected advantages, such as smaller hitboxes, confusing skill shots, harder-to-see particles, smoother animations, and much more. In this article, we'll take a closer look at a few of our favorite pay-to-win skins and what makes them so strong.

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League of Legends offers a wide range of skins, each with its unique appeal. However, some skins go beyond the surface and provide tangible in-game advantages. These "pay to win" skins have stirred controversy among players but remain popular choices for those seeking an edge in their matches.

Project Ashe - The Elusive Marksman

Project Ashe is an iconic skin known for its amazing visuals, changing model, and unique voice lines. It has garnered popularity among Ashe players, but it's also infamous for its wonky hitboxes. When using her W at maximum range, it becomes nearly invisible, catching enemies off guard and allowing for unexpected pokes. The skin's ultimate presents the most significant advantage, as its hitbox is difficult to read, making it challenging for enemies to dodge.

Infernal Shen - Catch Your Enemies Unaware

While Shen's skins are generally impressive, Infernal Shen stands out due to its beautiful chromas and amazing effects. Its pay-to-win nature comes from its hard-to-see visuals, particularly with his ultimate. Enemies often won't notice when Shen is coming to intervene, granting him a surprise advantage and catching foes off guard.

Space Groove Blitzcrank - Hook Your Way to Victory

Space Groove Blitzcrank adds a fun twist to the champion's appearance, but its true strength lies in its exploitable mechanic. This skin replicates the hook animation, allowing players to fake a hook throw and bait enemy dodges before using the actual hook. Although niche, this tactic can be game-changing in crucial moments.

Cosmic Lux - A Celestial Advantage

Cosmic Lux offers a smooth and visually appealing experience for players. Her animations feel far smoother than her other skins, making it an upgrade for classic skin users. The pay-to-win aspect arises from how hard her abilities are to see, especially when they look like stars flying towards enemies. This visual trickery can confuse opponents and make dodging her attacks more challenging.

Sea Dog Yasuo - Master of Deceptive Tornadoes

Sea Dog Yasuo is a relatively new skin that provides a significant advantage with his third Q. The tornado looks like a weird spin, making it difficult to anticipate its movement. Its thin appearance and unique animation catch enemies off guard, resulting in harder-to-dodge tornados and a few unexpected kills.

Forecast Janna - A Tornado of Confusion

Forecast Janna's reworked tornadoes are particularly challenging to track. They appear harder to dodge and contain random objects flying inside, making it difficult for enemies to anticipate their trajectory. This skin can be a game-changer when used effectively, especially in team fights.

Firelight Ekko - Concealing the Chronobreak

Firelight Ekko's visual overhaul swaps his usual blue tones for green, but its real strength lies in the ultimate's visual effect. In certain areas, the greenish undertones of Summoner's Rift make it challenging to see the skin's ultimate clone and W. This can lead to surprise plays and secure unexpected kills.

High Noon Leona - Smoother Than Ever

High Noon Leona is a newer skin with a legendary status, offering an incredibly smooth experience. Her abilities' flawless animations and particles make other Leona skins feel inferior. Additionally, the skin's particles are difficult to spot, particularly with her ultimate, making it harder for opponents to react during fights.

Mega Kha'Zix - Isolation Audio and Visual Clarity

Mega Kha'Zix stands out from other skins due to its clear audio and visual effects on isolated targets. The skin's heightened audio cue makes it easier to identify isolated champions, offering valuable information for Kha'Zix players to execute precise attacks.

EDG Zoe - A Slippery Spell Thief

EDG Zoe, inspired by her championship appearance, offers a visually stunning experience. The skin's effects are impressive, but its true advantage lies in the difficulty of distinguishing between her normal Q and the empowered one. The subtle difference can psych out enemies and lead to favorable trades for Zoe players.

Dark Waters Vladimir - The Invisible Pool

Dark Waters Vladimir's ultimate is arguably the hardest to see while in the river. The skin's dark blue effects blend with the river's tones, making it challenging for opponents to recognize when Vladimir uses his ultimate. This advantage allows him to catch enemies off guard and secure kills without them noticing.

Elderwood Bard - The Precise Cosmic Journey

Elderwood Bard's beauty lies in its chromas, offering players color versatility and customization. Additionally, the skin's Q has a thinner and more precise-looking projectile, making it harder for enemies to anticipate its hitbox. This deceptive ability can be frustrating for opponents and result in well-aimed stuns.

Dark Star Karma - The Fading Empowerment

Dark Star Karma offers a unique visual experience with its black hole inspiration. While not hard to see, the skin presents a challenging aspect: distinguishing between her regular Q and the empowered version. The slight difference in animation and audio cues can be confusing for enemies, leading to favorable trades for Karma players.


League of Legends offers a diverse range of skins that cater to different player preferences. Some skins, however, provide tangible gameplay advantages, making them sought after by players seeking an edge in their matches. While the "pay to win" debate remains ongoing, it is essential to remember that skill and strategy ultimately determine victory on the Rift.


What are pay-to-win skins in League of Legends?

Pay-to-win skins in League of Legends refer to cosmetic items that provide unintended advantages in gameplay, such as smaller hitboxes or harder-to-see abilities, giving players using these skins an edge over opponents.

Are pay-to-win skins fair to use?

The fairness of pay-to-win skins is a topic of debate among the community. While some argue that it creates an uneven playing field, others believe that skill and strategy still play a more significant role in determining victory.

Can pay-to-win skins be considered a form of cheating?

Pay-to-win skins do not technically fall under cheating, as they are officially released skins available for purchase. However, their unintended advantages can be perceived as giving players an unfair advantage.

Are pay-to-win skins allowed in professional play?

In professional play, skins are often disabled to maintain a level playing field. Pay-to-win skins, being in this category, are typically not allowed in official tournaments and competitions.

Where can I get these pay-to-win skins?

Pay-to-win skins can be found in the in-game store, where players can purchase them using Riot Points, the game's premium currency.

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