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3 Best CHAMPIONS to Escape Low ELO in Every ROLE

Discover top 3 champions to escape low ELO in every role for Season 13. Dominate and climb higher with these expert picks!
Escape Low ELO Season 13 - Top Champions and Strategies

Welcome back, everyone, to a brand new update on the best Champions to escape low ELO. In this guide, we will provide you with three champions for every single role that are most optimal anywhere from Iron all the way up to Gold. But before we get into it, be sure to check out our other guides if you want to truly get better at League of Legends. Let's jump right into it!

Top Lane

1. Ornn - The Master Craftsman

One champion that has shot up in power as of recent and is a superb pick for all ELO brackets is Ornn. Ornn is such a great Champion for the lower ranks for a couple of different reasons. First is that Ornn scales like an absolute monster, being able to upgrade his teammates' items once he reaches level 14. Since low ELO games tend to last longer on average, reaching these later levels to upgrade items happens much more often.

Now you may be wondering, "Isn't Ornn just a tank? How am I supposed to carry with a tank in low ELO?" Sure, Ornn is a tank, but he has the ability to deal as much damage as some assassins with his full combo. This is what makes Ornn so reliable for low ELO because you're durable enough so that making the odd mistake doesn't get punished as hard, but you've also got great damage and team fight impact as well.

The build to run on Ornn is a Sunfire rush into Jockshow second and Thornmail or Force of Nature third. Grasp is the Keystone Rune with Demolish, Second Wind, and Overgrowth. Free boots and biscuits are for secondaries.

2. Malphite - The Rock Solid Choice

Another Top Lane Champion with similar strength to Ornn and our second selection is Malphite. Malphite is definitely a little bit easier to pick up and see success with right away. So, if you don't have very much time to be consistent on someone like Ornn, look the way of Malphite.

Much like Ornn, Malphite is able to build full tank and remain a legitimate carry threat thanks in part to his abilities scaling off his armor. The more armor you buy, the more damage your W and E will deal, which is amazing. It's inevitable you're going to lose Lane every now and then no matter what champ you're playing. But by picking someone like Malphite, who has amazing team fight presence, no matter how hard you feed early on, there's always a way back into the game.

The build for Malphite is an Iceborn Gauntlet rush into Sunfire Aegis second and a situational tank item third. W Max with Grasp works best in those melee lanes where you will be able to Auto attack on a consistent basis, while Q max with Comet is going to be optimal in range matchups or against Champions you cannot reliably trade Autos with.

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3. Dr. Mundo - The Unstoppable Force

To round out the top three for Top Lane, we have a bit more of a pure carry, Dr. Mundo. With Hard Steel being such a disgusting item on Mundo and with his E damage scaling off his max Health, the durability and damage are actually unfair. You're able to point and click Auto attack the enemy to death while taking very minimal damage in return, which makes Mundo such a consistent low ELO performer.

One thing a lot of High ELO Mundo players do that many low ELO players don't is that they run Ghost instead of Flash. Ghost heavily outperforms Flash stat-wise in every single ELO bracket on Mundo. As a champion who needs to stick right up close to his target to be effective, the movement speed from Ghost is more often than not way more valuable in skirmishes than Flash.

As for the build, it's a Hard Steel rush and Sunfire Aegis second, followed by Spirit Visage or Thornmail third. The Rune page is Grasp with Demolish, Second Wind, and Overgrowth, followed by Magical Footwear and Approach Velocity for secondaries.


1. Vi - The Unstoppable Force

Oftentimes, games in solo queue, especially in the lower ranks, come down to which team finds a catch play first on someone who's out of position. With Vi having the engage range of Q Flash and R, she is one of the best champions at capitalizing on these positional errors. It's also much less likely for you to mess up ganks post-6 when playing a champion like Vi, thanks to her point-and-click ultimate.

The build for Vi can vary depending on preference and what team comps are looking like. Bruiser Vi is going to be the cookie-cutter build, regardless of the game. If the enemy comp is super squishy, then going lethality Vi is viable as well. But it does leave you with less margin for error due to its lack of durability.

The Rune page for Vi is Hail of Blades with Sudden Impact, Eyeball Collection, and Relentless Hunter. Triumph and Alacrity are the best secondaries.

2. Nocturne - The Eternal Nightmare

We like Nocturne a lot for similar reasons to Vi, as you have incredibly strong catch power and a very easy win condition to play towards each game. Farming through six and looking to make an impact through ult plays is a very simple game plan to execute on consistently.

The standard core build for Nocturne is a Stridebreaker rush into Black Cleaver second and Death's Dance third. Lethal Tempo is the Keystone Rune with Triumph, Alacrity, and Coup de Grace. Grab Eyeball Collection and Ultimate Hunter for secondaries.

3. Amumu - The Sad Mummy

Buff in 13.9 have led to Amumu's win rate absolutely skyrocketing, way more than most people would have expected, including our analysts. It's sitting at around 54% right now for the lower ranks, so if you're looking for some free ELO, Amumu is the pick to spam.

W got buffed from 12 all the way up to 20 damage per tick at rank 1, which, for a spell that he maxes out last, is absolutely incredible. The added DPS this change provides throughout an extended fight is insanely big and is the reason his win rate has seen such a spike.

The build for Amumu is a Demonic Embrace rush into Jockshow second and Sunfire Aegis third. The Rune page is Conqueror with Triumph, Tenacity, and Last Stand, followed by Cheap Shot and Ultimate Hunter for secondaries.

Mid Lane

1. Aurelion Sol - The Cosmic Destroyer

Let's start with Aurelion Sol, who is a powerhouse in the mid lane. Aurelion scales like a monster but has a bit of a weaker early game, which makes him way more viable for low ELO than High ELO. In High ELO, Aurelion has a much more difficult time succeeding due to players being able to more consistently punish his weaker lane phase. This simply doesn't happen as often in low ELO.

The build for Aurelion Sol is a Rod of Ages rush into Rylai's second and Archangel's third. Comet is the Keystone Rune with Manaflow, Transcendence, and Gathering Storm. Opt for Free Boots and Minion Dematerializer for secondaries.

2. Malzahar - The Void Prodigy

Malzahar is consistently a 53% win rate champ for the lower ranks because he is a beast on three items and hard counters all the melee dive champions low ELO players like to spam come team fights. Malzahar is quite similar to Aurelion in the sense that his pre-6 is where he can be exploited the most.

With Malzahar, your main goal through the first couple of levels is to acquire as much farm as possible while keeping the wave on your side of the lane. You don't want to be spam pushing with W early on, especially against mobile melee champions, because you're way too vulnerable. Get to that Lost Chapter buy, and then you can start hard-pushing waves and looking for plays around the map with your jungler.

The build for Malzahar is a Liandry's rush into Rylai's second and Demonic Embrace third. Rune page is Arcane Comet with Manaflow, Transcendence, and Scorch. Optimal secondaries are Magical Footwear and Cosmic Insight.

3. Annie - The Little Pyromaniac

Let's be real here; a best champs for low ELO video would not be complete without Annie making an appearance. Sure, the champion may not be the most flashy or fun to play, but if your main goal is to rank up and escape low ELO, she's going to give you a much greater chance in a shorter amount of time.

Annie always performs amazing against Yasuo, Katarina, and Yone, so pulling her out to nullify those champions works wonders. The build for Annie is a Luden's rush into Shadowflame second and Zhonya's or Rabadon's third. Run Electrocute for the Keystone Rune with Cheap Shot, Eyeball Collection, and Relentless Hunter. Free boots and biscuits are for secondaries.


1. Sivir - The Battle Mistress

Playing ADCs in the lower ranks that can find ways to be impactful other than dealing damage is going to make things way easier for you. Sivir is a perfect low ELO ADC for a few core reasons. The first is that her incredible wave clear from W and Q allows you to stall out games way longer than any other ADC. If your team is behind early on, there's always a legitimate way to hang on and scale.

The build for Sivir is a Kraken Slayer rush into Navori Quickblade second and Phantom Dancer third. Run Lethal Tempo with Presence of Mind, Bloodline, and Coup de Grace. Opt for Free Boots and Biscuits for secondaries.

2. Miss Fortune - The Bounty Hunter

We like Miss Fortune a lot because she is one of the few ADCs that require very minimal mechanical skill to play at a serviceable level. Your main goal in every team fight with Miss Fortune should be to stick in the back line and be ready for that opportunity to throw down your R when your teammates engage. The range on Miss Fortune's R allows you to stay at a relatively safe distance yet still unload a massive amount of DPS.

The standard core build for Miss Fortune is a Kraken Slayer rush into Bloodthirster second and Infinity Edge third. Press the Attack is the Keystone Rune with Presence of Mind, Bloodline, and Coup de Grace. Free boots and biscuits are for secondaries.

3. Jinx - The Loose Cannon

Coming up in patch 13.10, it also looks like you'll now be able to use teleport anywhere on the map at 10 minutes instead of 14, which is going to bode super well for these tank tops to impact bot Lane.

The build for Jinx is a Kraken Slayer rush into Phantom Dancer second and Infinity Edge third. Lethal Tempo is the Keystone Rune with Presence of Mind, Bloodline, and Coup de Grace. Optimal secondaries are Absolute Focus and Gathering Storm.


1. Zerieth - The Arcane Marksman

Kicking off the top three for support is Zerieth, a pure carry pick. What makes Zerieth such a strong champ for low ELO is his ability to thrive against many of the highly picked low ELO supports. Lux, Senna, and Morgana are constantly the most picked supports in low ELO, and with Zerieth's heavy range advantage, he can shut down what those supports want to do.

Brush control is key when playing a skill-shot reliant support like Zerieth. Throwing skill shots from the fog of war makes them way harder for the enemy to dodge due to how long-range their abilities are.

The build for Zerieth is a Luden's rush into Horizon Focus second and Shadowflame third. Run First Strike for the Keystone Rune with Free Boots, Biscuits, and Cosmic Insight. Manaflow and Scorch are optimal secondaries.

2. Heimerdinger - The Inventor

If you want to carry as a support who doesn't require as much mechanical skill to pull off, then look into maining Heimerdinger. Heimer is a very unique support because he's able to set up many plays that most other supports can only dream of. Push power is exceptionally strong, so you can shove the enemy ADC under the turret and drastically limit the amount of farm they're able to secure.

The build for Heimerdinger is a Rylai's rush into Liandry's second and Zhonya's third. Rune page consists of Comet for the Keystone with Manaflow, Absolute Focus, and Scorch. Optimal secondaries are Magical Footwear and Cosmic Insight.

3. Zyra - The Thorny Terrors

To round out our top three support recommendations, it's yet again another Mage carry champ, Zyra. You cannot rely on your ADC to be a consistent damage threat in order to win, so you should go into every single game hoping for the best but being prepared for the worst. By playing a support like Zyra, your ADC really doesn't have to do anything for you to make an impact.

The build for Zyra is a Liandry's rush into Rylai's second and Demonic Embrace third. Comet is the Keystone Rune with Manaflow, Transcendence, and Scorch. Run Taste of Blood and Relentless Hunter for secondaries.


There you have it, the top champions for each role to help you escape low ELO. Remember that climbing in League of Legends takes time, dedication, and continuous improvement. So, pick the champions that suit your playstyle and practice them consistently. Good luck on the Rift!


1. What are the best champions for low ELO?

The best champions for low ELO vary by role, but some top picks include Ornn, Malphite, and Mundo for top lane; Vi, Nocturne, and Amumu for jungle; Aurelion Sol, Malzahar, and Annie for mid lane; Sivir, Miss Fortune, and Jinx for ADC; and Zerieth, Heimerdinger, and Zyra for support.

2. How can I improve my gameplay in League of Legends?

To improve your gameplay in League of Legends, focus on mastering a few champions in your preferred role, watch high-level players and streamers to learn from their gameplay, practice your mechanics, map awareness, and decision-making, and use resources like ModLegends to access premium guides.

3. Is it possible to carry in low ELO as a support?

Yes, it is possible to carry in low ELO as a support. Champions like Zerieth, Heimerdinger, and Zyra can have a significant impact on the game and help your team secure victories. By providing crowd control, damage, and vision control, you can influence the outcome of matches.

4. How can I climb out of low ELO in League of Legends?

To climb out of low ELO in League of Legends, focus on improving your individual skills, communication, and teamwork. Consistently play well on your chosen champions, adapt to different situations, and maintain a positive attitude. Learning from mistakes and practicing regularly will help you climb the ranks.

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