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10 Most Hated Champions: Annoying to Play Against

10 Most Hated Champions: Annoying to Play Against

Hey, what's going on Summoners? My name is Saurabh Kumar, and today we'll be taking a look at 10 of the most hated champions in League of Legends. Everybody hates a champion for one reason or another, but we're sure that you'll agree with one, if not all, the champions on our list. Today, we're going to be diving into why everybody hates them, as well as the stereotypes they usually carry. Let's not waste any more time and let's dive right on in!

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1. Yumi: The Most Hated Enchanter

Yumi has easily claimed the title of the most hated enchanter in the game. For some, it's due to the fact that she can be incredibly broken at times when paired with the right champions like Twitch, Hecarim, or Kayn. However, her power is not the main issue; it's the stereotype of her being one of the most useless enchanters in lane, making her incredibly easy to play. Many Yumi players have embraced this stereotype, leading to frustrating gameplay experiences.

2. Lulu: The Annoying Polymorph Queen

While Lulu may not carry the same amount of hatred as some other champions, she is undeniably annoying to play against. Her ability to keep allies alive with shields and heals and her polymorph spell can shut down a single target with ease. It feels like an eternity when polymorphed, and it has a relatively low cooldown, making her a nightmare for assassins trying to dive in for kills.

3. Yasuo: High Mechanical Ceiling, High Frustration

Yasuo has been known for his high mechanical ceiling and outplay potential since his release. While some players can perform impressive feats with him, there's a common stereotype that Yasuo players on the enemy team will always feed and end up losing the game. This perception, along with his fun kit, makes him one of the most frustrating champions to play against.

4. Yone: A Monster in the Mid Lane

Yone, the brother of Yasuo, may not hold the same stereotype as his sibling, but he is still incredibly unfun to play against. With a slight lead, Yone can dominate any duel in the mid lane and easily push his advantage to other lanes. His mini-Zed ultimate, combined with a strong team-fighting ability, makes him a menace for everyone on the rift.

5. Aatrox: The Clunky Riven Replacement

Aatrox underwent a rework that fundamentally changed his kit, which resulted in mixed feelings from players. Many old Aatrox mains disliked the new kit, while others found it enjoyable but still frustrating to play against. His strong laning phase, great team fighting, and absurd life steal have earned him a reputation as one of the most hated top laners.

6. Irelia: The Unpredictable Dancing Blades

Irelia is a champion that can easily turn any situation in her favor with her high skill ceiling and mobility. Her Q ability allows her to go from 100 HP to 800 in an instant, making her incredibly difficult to kill. Paired with her W, which reduces damage taken, she becomes an absolute nightmare to deal with in duels and skirmishes.

7. Akali: The Slippery Assassin

Akali's rework made her kit more fun to play, but it also made her incredibly frustrating to play against. With her shroud, she can drop turret aggro and dive with ease, leading to many unfair situations in the game. Even after numerous nerfs, Akali remains a strong pick in high-level play and continues to be a headache for many players.

8. Samira: The Queen of Style and Burst

Samira burst onto the scene with her strong release, and despite multiple nerfs, she remains a popular and powerful ADC. Her kit, with strong trading patterns, mobility, and AOE damage from her ultimate, allows her to dominate team fights. Her healing also makes her difficult to cut down, making her a frustrating champion to play against.

9. Viego: The Ruined King's Wrath

Viego gained immediate hatred due to his versatility, allowing him to turn into any slain champion. His kit allows him to deal massive amounts of damage and heal himself, making it seem like he has no counterplay. Despite numerous nerfs, Viego remains a powerful champion, creating frustration for those facing him on the rift.

10. Camille: The True Damage Queen

Camille's true damage output makes her a threat to tanks and squishies alike. Her versatile kit and strong laning phase make her a popular pick in the top lane, but she is also notorious for her ability to dive into team fights and come out victorious. Her true damage combined with her mobility and burst damage can quickly turn fights in her favor, causing frustration for her opponents.


In League of Legends, there will always be champions that players love to hate. Whether it's due to their overpowered kits, annoying abilities, or frustrating playstyles, these 10 champions have earned their place as some of the most hated in the game. Love them or hate them, they are an integral part of the League of Legends experience.


Which champion is the most hated in League of Legends?

Yumi is widely considered the most hated champion in the game due to her powerful kit and the stereotype of being an easy-to-play enchanter.

Why do players hate Yasuo so much?

Yasuo's high mechanical ceiling and the common stereotype of him feeding on the enemy team contribute to the frustration players feel when facing him.

Is Akali still overpowered after the nerfs?

While Akali received multiple nerfs, she remains a strong and popular pick in high-level play due to her kit's versatility and burst potential.

Who is the Ruined King?

Viego is the Ruined King, a champion who can take over the bodies of slain enemy champions and use their abilities, making him incredibly difficult to deal with in team fights.

What makes Camille annoying to play against?

Camille's true damage, strong laning phase, and ability to dive into team fights make her a potent threat to both tanks and squishy champions, causing frustration for her opponents.

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