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Which Roles Are the Hardest and Easiest in League of Legends

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Which Roles Are the Hardest and Easiest in League of Legends Season 13

League of Legends is a complex game that offers a variety of roles for players to choose from. Each role comes with its own challenges and rewards, and it's important to understand the different aspects that make certain roles more difficult or easier to play. In this article, we'll be ranking every role from hardest to easiest for Season 13. We'll be using two different criteria to evaluate the roles: mechanical difficulty and decision-making difficulty.

Mechanical Difficulty Ranking

1. ADC (Attack Damage Carry)

ADC takes the top spot for mechanical difficulty. This role relies heavily on precise positioning and dealing damage through auto-attacks. Due to the squishiness of ADC champions, a lack of mechanical skill can lead to instant death.

2. Mid Lane

Similar to ADC, the mid lane is challenging in terms of mechanics. Mid laners must have immaculate positioning and spacing to make the most of their vulnerable champions. Many mid laners rely on skill shots and intricate combos, making mechanical finesse crucial.

3. Top Lane

Top lane holds its own in terms of mechanical demand. While bruisers and fighters dominate this role, proper spacing in lane and executing correct trading patterns remain important. However, top lane champions are generally more forgiving than those in mid or ADC roles.

4. Jungle

Jungle is less mechanically demanding compared to other roles. While ganking requires solid execution, the recent changes to jungle mechanics have made clearing camps less punishing. However, successful jungle play heavily relies on game knowledge and decision-making.

5. Support

Support takes the least mechanical skill. With no need to focus on farming, supports can concentrate on positioning and crowd control. Many support champions can be effective through point-and-click abilities and strategic play.

Decision-Making Difficulty Ranking

1. Jungle

Jungle takes the lead in terms of decision-making difficulty. Jungle role involves adapting to ever-changing game circumstances, making split-second decisions during invades, and choosing the most strategic lanes to prioritize.

2. Mid Lane

Mid lane follows closely in decision-making complexity. Mid laners impact the map greatly, and proper decisions regarding roaming, base timings, and managing resources are vital. The mid lane's central location necessitates awareness of both junglers.

3. Top Lane

Top lane requires strategic wave management to succeed. Manipulating waves correctly can dictate match outcomes. While top lane champions are more durable, proper macro decisions remain essential, particularly for higher-ranked play.

4. Support

Supports hold a middle ground in decision-making difficulty. Vision control, roaming, and buffing allies play a significant role. While less demanding than other roles, effective support decisions can sway the game's outcome.

5. ADC (Attack Damage Carry)

ADC ranks lowest in decision-making difficulty. This role mainly focuses on dealing damage and positioning correctly in team fights. While strategic awareness is necessary, it's less pivotal compared to other roles.

In conclusion, the roles in League of Legends vary in both mechanical and decision-making difficulty. While ADC and mid lane top the mechanical difficulty list, jungle and mid lane claim the highest decision-making complexity. Understanding these challenges can help players choose roles that align with their strengths and preferences.


Which role is the hardest in Season 13?

The jungle role holds the title for being the most challenging due to its heavy reliance on decision-making and adaptability.

Is mechanics more important than decision-making in League of Legends?

Both mechanics and decision-making are crucial. Some roles emphasize mechanics, while others prioritize strategic thinking. Balancing both aspects leads to success.

Can a player succeed with bad macro knowledge in certain roles?

Yes, roles like ADC allow players to rely more on mechanical skill. However, learning macro can still provide a competitive edge.

Which role requires the least mechanical skill?

Support demands the least mechanical skill due to its focus on positioning, crowd control, and support abilities.

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