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NAAFIRI: The COMPLETE STARTER Guide in League of Legends

Master NAAFIRI with this complete League of Legends starter guide for beginners. Level up your gameplay now!
NAAFIRI: The COMPLETE STARTER Guide in League of Legends

In the realm of competitive gaming, the emergence of new champions is always an exciting event. The latest sensation to grace the virtual battlegrounds is Naafiri, an overstated assassin who is making waves in low ELO solo queue. Her potential to become a pub stomper is undeniable, and her ease of use sets her apart from other assassin champions. If you're looking to climb the ranks effortlessly, adding Naafiri to your champion pool might just be the winning strategy you've been searching for.

The Power of Simplicity

Naafiri's appeal lies in her straightforward yet potent abilities. Her toolkit is designed for efficiency and effectiveness, making her one of the easiest assassin champions to pick up and play. Gone are the days of trying to decipher complex abilities before the game starts. With Naafiri, you can jump right into the action, knowing exactly how to utilize her skills to their fullest potential.

Unveiling Naafiri's Abilities

Passive: Packmate Summons

At the heart of Naafiri's kit is her passive ability. She constantly summons packmates to assist her in battle. Initially limited to two at the start of the game, this number increases to three at level nine. These packmates act as additional attackers, enhancing your damage output. They also have the unique ability to block skill shots, adding an element of strategy to your engagements.

Q: Lethal Bleed

Naafiri's Q ability is a line skill shot that can be cast twice. Its simplicity belies its power. Each hit applies a powerful bleed effect for four seconds. If you manage to hit the same target twice with the ability, the bleed effect will pop, dealing a burst of damage. This ability rewards precise timing and positioning, making it a crucial tool in Naafiri's arsenal.

W: Ferocious Leap

Her W ability allows Naafiri to leap onto her target, dealing substantial damage in the process. While this offers a strong engagement option, it's worth noting that the leap can be blocked by enemy champions. This adds an element of counterplay for opponents facing Naafiri, but it also challenges you to use the ability wisely to catch your foes off guard.

E: Swift Dash

Naafiri's E is a targeted dash that serves both offensive and defensive purposes. It deals damage to enemies she passes through and inflicts damage to a small radius around her after the dash completes. Mastering this ability enables you to maximize your damage output and maneuverability.

Ultimate: Pack Fury

Naafiri's ultimate ability, Pack Fury, is a game-changer. Upon activation, she summons numerous packmates and gains increased attack damage and bonus movement speed. Her first hit after using the ultimate grants her a shield, encouraging aggressive play. The duration and effects of the ultimate reset upon scoring a takedown, offering the potential for continuous dominance in fights.

Unleashing Naafiri's Potential

Champion Roles and Strategies

While Naafiri is technically intended as a laning champion, her true potential shines in the jungle. Her inherent movement speed and map mobility make her a formidable force in this role. Her ability to summon packmates also ensures healthy clears and effective ganks. As a jungler, Naafiri's ganking potential is undeniable, allowing her to impact lanes and secure kills for her team.

Alternatively, Naafiri can excel in the top lane as a bruiser. Her consistent damage output and dueling capabilities make her a strong contender against other melee top laners. Building items that emphasize her sustained damage, such as those that provide ability haste, can optimize her effectiveness in this role.

Strategic Gameplay

Naafiri's gameplay revolves around calculated engagements and target selection. Her Q ability's bleed effect necessitates thoughtful timing to maximize damage output. In team fights, look for flanking opportunities to engage enemy carries and minimize the chances of your W ability being blocked. While her toolkit offers strong assassination potential, remember that coordination with your team is essential, especially when facing well-coordinated opponents.

Countering Weaknesses

Despite Naafiri's potential for dominance, she is not without weaknesses. Her susceptibility to being focused by multiple enemies in team fights highlights the importance of positioning and target selection. Champions with strong crowd control abilities can also hinder her mobility and damage output. Additionally, her longer engagement time due to the setup required for her Q ability's burst damage can leave her vulnerable to well-timed counters.

The Path to Mastery

Mastering Naafiri requires an understanding of her abilities, their interactions, and their nuances. Take advantage of her straightforward kit to quickly acclimate yourself to her playstyle. Experiment with different item builds, focusing on lethality and ability haste to optimize her strengths. Practice using her abilities in various scenarios, from dueling to team fights, to refine your mechanics and decision-making.

As you embark on your journey to conquer the ranks with Naafiri, remember that adaptation and innovation are key. The competitive landscape is ever-evolving, and your ability to adapt your strategies will determine your success. Whether you're diving into the jungle or dominating the top lane, Naafiri offers an exciting opportunity to ascend the ranks and showcase your mastery of the assassin playstyle.


Naafiri, the newest addition to the champion roster, has quickly established herself as a force to be reckoned with. Her straightforward abilities and calculated playstyle make her a top pick for those looking to climb the ranks swiftly. By mastering her unique skillset, understanding her strengths and weaknesses, and adapting to the ever-changing competitive landscape, you can unleash the full potential of Naafiri and pave your way to victory.


Is Naafiri suitable for new players?

Absolutely! Naafiri's simplicity and intuitive abilities make her an excellent choice for players new to the assassin role.

What roles can Naafiri excel in?

Naafiri thrives as a jungler and can also perform well in the top lane as a bruiser.

How can I counter Naafiri's weaknesses?

Capitalize on her vulnerability to crowd control and focus fire. Positioning and target selection are crucial for both playing as and against Naafiri.

What items should I prioritize on Naafiri?

Lethality and ability haste are key attributes to focus on. Items like Ghostblade, Duskblade, and Eclipse complement her playstyle.

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