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4 Worst TOP LANERS Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Discover how to fix the 4 worst top laners mistakes! Improve your gameplay with expert strategies. Don't miss out on essential tips for better gaming.

In the world of League of Legends, every mistake can lead to defeat. If you're a player striving to climb the ranks, you'll want to ensure that you're not making game-losing errors in every minute of your playtime. This guide is here to help you identify and rectify some of the most common mistakes made by top lane players, especially those ranked Platinum and below. These mistakes are surprisingly easy to fix once you're aware of them. So, let's dive right into it and start on the path to becoming a better top lane player!


In the competitive realm of League of Legends, every decision matters. The higher your rank, the less room there is for error. Whether you're a seasoned player or relatively new to the game, understanding and rectifying common mistakes can be the key to climbing the ranks and becoming a formidable top laner.

The Most Common Mistake: Ignoring Long-Term Lane States

One of the most common and critical mistakes made by top lane players is ignoring the long-term state of the lane. Many players tend to focus solely on immediate trades and skirmishes, without considering the bigger picture. This oversight can lead to unfavorable lane positioning and ultimately cost you the game.

The Scenario: Darius vs. Kench

Consider a scenario where Darius faces off against Kench. Darius has the upper hand due to his ability to easily dominate tank champions. Kench's only hope lies in jungle assistance. However, a surprising turn of events occurs: Darius gains control over the lane, pushing Kench back and establishing an advantageous position.

The Mistake: Ignoring Future Consequences

Here's where the mistake comes in. Kench, in his eagerness to retaliate, tries to fight back and ends up taking unfavorable trades. This blunder shifts the lane momentum in Darius's favor, leaving Kench vulnerable to ganks and setting him up for a game-losing mistake. The lesson here is to always consider the long-term consequences of your actions in lane. Will your decisions set you up for future success or leave you vulnerable?

Building Confidence: Committing to Lane Control Strategies

Confidence and consistency are crucial traits for a successful top laner. Whether you're facing a favorable or unfavorable matchup, sticking to your chosen lane control strategy is vital.

The Gold Irelia vs. Kasante

Let's take the example of a gold Irelia versus Kasante. Irelia starts by building a slow push, an ideal strategy for level 1 in most matchups. However, instead of guarding her advantageous push, Irelia hesitates and allows Cassante to clear minions. This decision stalls the wave in the middle, granting Cassante the opportunity to apply pressure and control the lane.

The Mistake: Inconsistent Playstyle

Irelia's mistake lies in her inconsistent playstyle. If you choose to let the wave push into you, minimize your attacks to expedite the push. Conversely, if you're aiming for a push advantage, confidently stand your ground and guard your lane control. Avoid randomly auto-attacking the wave, as it can lead to unintended consequences and leave you vulnerable to ganks and unfavorable trades.

Teleporting Wisely: When and How to Use Teleport

Teleport is a powerful tool that can drastically impact the outcome of a game. However, using it unwisely can lead to missed opportunities and wasted potential.

The Jax Dilemma

Consider a scenario where Jax teleports back to lane after crashing the wave into the tower. In this case, Jax's teleport choice was misguided. Teleporting back to lane is only advisable under specific circumstances. One, if your jungler is on the top side, setting up a gank with the wave pushing into you. Two, if you're strong enough to bully your opponent even when at a minion deficit.

The Mistake: Misusing Teleport

Jax's mistake lies in his misuse of teleport. In this situation, neither of the aforementioned circumstances apply. His teleport ends up being useless, leading to an unfavorable outcome in lane. Before using your teleport, always assess the situation and ensure that it aligns with your overall strategy and game plan.

Ranged vs. Melee Matchups: Rethinking Early Game Harass

In the past, ranged champions were known for their early game harassment, but recent changes have shifted the dynamics of these matchups. Understanding the evolving win conditions is crucial for success in these encounters.

The Teemo Conundrum

Take the example of Teemo facing Mundo. While Teemo has historically been a lane bully, recent changes to items and defensive options have altered the dynamics of these matchups. Teemo's harass is no longer as effective due to the prevalence of Doran's Shield and Second Wind.

The Mistake: Overcommitting to Early Harass

Teemo's mistake is overcommitting to early game harass that doesn't have a significant impact. Instead of aiming solely to push Mundo out of lane, Teemo should focus on setting up a favorable recall timing. This approach allows Teemo to come back to lane with an item advantage that can overcome Mundo's healing and defensive options.


In the high-stakes world of League of Legends, avoiding common mistakes is key to climbing the ranks and becoming a better top laner. By paying attention to long-term lane states, committing to lane control strategies, using teleport wisely, and adapting to the changing dynamics of ranged vs. melee matchups, you can elevate your gameplay and increase your chances of victory.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can fixing these mistakes really make a significant difference in my gameplay?

Absolutely! Addressing these common mistakes can greatly impact your performance and help you win more games.

Are these strategies only applicable to top lane?

While these strategies are tailored for top lane play, many concepts can be applied to other roles as well.

How do I effectively adapt to changing game dynamics and patches?

Stay informed about game updates, patch notes, and professional player strategies. Regularly reviewing and adapting your approach will keep you ahead.

Can I improve my gameplay quickly?

Yes, you can accelerate your learning with ModLegends guides and courses tailored to each role and skill level.

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