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Low ELO in League of Legends: The 1 THING to Make It Easy

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Low ELO in League of Legends: The 1 THING to Make It Easy

In the world of online gaming, few experiences can be as frustrating as encountering a teammate who seems determined to sabotage your chances of victory. If you're a League of Legends player, you're probably familiar with the term "inting," short for intentionally feeding. But what many people don't realize is that "inting" doesn't always involve deliberate sabotage; it can also refer to players who repeatedly make poor decisions, leading to their demise throughout the game. Dealing with such teammates can be exasperating, but fear not, as we have the solution that can help you avoid this scenario altogether.

The League of Legends Conundrum

League of Legends, known for its competitive nature, often places players in teams with individuals they've never met before. While some may have hoped for a way to select their teammates, the reality is that matchmaking is largely out of your control. This article won't focus on dodging games or relying on luck to get better teammates; instead, we'll teach you how to be the proactive player who can predict and prevent "inting" before it happens.

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Identifying the INT: A Coach's Perspective

To understand how to stop "inting," we must first understand what it looks like in a game. Imagine watching a replay from a high Platinum ELO coaching session. The player, let's call them Yapples, is performing well, but a sense of impending doom looms. This feeling arises as you observe the minimap and notice Morgana's positioning after a successful play.

In this particular scenario, Morgana is positioned aggressively, facing the enemy jungle, while her teammates - Gragas, Xayah, and Jayce - are all moving in the same direction. However, Morgana's positioning stands in stark contrast. This discrepancy indicates a lack of coordination and an increased risk of poor decision-making.

Reading the Signs: A Sixth Sense for INT

The key to avoiding "inting" teammates is to recognize the signs before it's too late. In League of Legends, champions instantly face the direction of their last input click, eliminating any turn time present in other games. This feature allows you to gauge your teammate's intentions by observing their character's facing direction.

For instance, after a victorious skirmish, teammates often have differing ideas about the next steps. In the example mentioned earlier, Morgana's reckless positioning indicated a lack of awareness about potential threats. To prevent this, think of yourself as a responsible schoolteacher guiding kindergarten children on a field trip. Ensure your teammates are on the same page and not putting themselves at risk.

The Power of Hovering and Pinging

Two effective strategies for mitigating "inting" teammates are hovering and pinging. If you're in a strong position individually, consider hovering around crucial plays, even if you don't fully commit. This presence can deter your teammates from making rash decisions. It's akin to chaperoning a group of children on a field trip - keeping an eye on them to prevent reckless behavior.

However, League of Legends communication isn't always foolproof. Pinging serves as a valuable tool for identifying "inting" tendencies. When you ping an objective or a specific course of action, observe your teammates' responses. If they disregard your pings and continue with questionable decisions, it's time to take matters into your own hands.

The Role of Proactivity

Your role doesn't end with observation and pings. When you identify a teammate heading towards disaster, intervene proactively. Imagine a scenario where your super-fed Miss Fortune is recalling while your teammate Jax ventures into the enemy jungle with no support. In this situation, it makes sense to be present, not necessarily committing fully, but being there to react if things go awry.

The goal is to ensure your teammate's safety and prevent them from making catastrophic decisions. While it might seem elementary, these actions can make a significant difference in the outcome of the game.

Jungle Intervention and Beyond

Junglers, in particular, have a unique opportunity to influence the game. Consider a Kindred player clearing camps. The jungler glances at the lanes and spots an aggressive Annie. This scenario demands immediate attention. The jungler can move towards Annie, providing backup and discouraging any reckless moves.

In a different game, a player's entire team pushes mid together, except for Vayne, who decides to grab the red buff. This scenario is a recipe for disaster. To prevent "inting," ensure that your teammates are on the same page. Communication through pings and proactive involvement can be the keys to victory.


In the unpredictable world of low ELO solo queue, preventing "inting" teammates requires vigilance and proactivity. You must be the responsible chaperone, guiding your teammates away from reckless decisions and towards victory. By observing, pinging, and intervening when necessary, you can significantly reduce the occurrence of "inting" in your games.


Can I completely avoid playing with "inters" in League of Legends?

No, you can't control your teammates in matchmaking. However, you can reduce the impact of "inting" by following the preventive strategies outlined in this guide.

How can I effectively use pings to prevent "inting"?

Pings are primarily used to communicate with your team. However, if you notice a teammate ignoring your pings and making risky plays, it's a sign they might be "inting." Use this as a cue to be more vigilant and watch over them.

Are there specific champions more prone to "inting"?

While any champion can be played poorly, some champions are riskier than others. Champions with low mobility and fragile builds are more susceptible to "inting" if played recklessly.

Is "inting" always intentional, or can it be accidental?

"Inting" typically refers to intentional feeding, but there are times when players make mistakes or have bad games. It's essential not to jump to conclusions and give your teammates the benefit of the doubt.

How do I improve my overall gameplay in League of Legends?

To improve your gameplay, consider exploring advanced strategies and techniques offered by platforms like us. ModLegends provide courses taught by experienced players to help you climb the ranked ladder faster and more effectively.

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