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Why You Can't RANK UP as ADC Player in League of Legends

Why You Can't RANK UP as ADC Player in League of Legends

In League of Legends, the ADC (Attack Damage Carry) role is crucial for securing victories. While having a better ADC on your team does not guarantee an automatic win, it does significantly improve your chances. In this guide, we will explore how you can become a better ADC in your games and increase your chances of climbing the ranked ladder. We'll cover various tips and strategies that can help you overcome challenges, including dealing with bad supports, adapting to different support playstyles, and making smart decisions during the laning phase and team fights.

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Staying Cool with Bad Supports

One of the most frustrating experiences for ADC players is having a bad support in their lane. It's essential to remain calm and composed when facing this situation. While it may be tempting to flame or blame your support, remember that the enemy ADC is likely facing a similar challenge. By keeping your cool and not tilting, you increase your chances of outperforming the enemy ADC, who may be dealing with a subpar support as well.

Matching Your Support's Playstyle

ADCs often have different playstyles, and it's crucial to align with your support's approach to the game. If your support prefers to play aggressively, be ready to follow up on their engages. On the other hand, if your support is more passive, focus on farming and scaling. Understanding your support's capabilities and adapting your playstyle accordingly can lead to a better synergy and overall success in lane.

Understanding Support's Win Conditions

Supports have specific win conditions based on their champion types, such as engage or range supports. As an ADC, it's essential to be aware of your support's strengths and play around their win conditions. For example, if you have a range support, maintaining a minion advantage can enable them to land their spells and poke effectively. With an engage support, try to keep the wave around the middle of the lane to allow them opportunities to initiate fights.

Punishing Mistakes of Enemy ADCs

In lower ELOs, ADC players may not punish mistakes made by their opponents effectively. To climb as an ADC, you must capitalize on enemy misplays. Whether it's taking advantage of their bad positioning, poor wave management, or bad trades, punishing these mistakes can swing the lane in your favor and lead to a more substantial lead.

Adapting Your Champion Pool

Sometimes, the enemy team composition can be challenging for traditional ADCs to deal with. In such cases, consider diversifying your champion pool to include mages, tanks, or bruisers that can thrive in certain situations. For instance, against heavy assassin or diving compositions, playing a bruiser bot lane might give you a significant advantage. By adapting your picks, you can turn unfavorable matchups into victories.

Assessing Threat Levels and Dueling

As an ADC, you are vulnerable to assassins and divers. However, not every champion can one-shot you if you stay mindful of their cooldowns and items. By regularly checking your opponents' items and abilities, you can determine your chances in duels. Sometimes, even when you are behind, you might find opportunities to take favorable trades and surprise your opponents.


While having the better ADC on your team doesn't guarantee victory, these tips and strategies can significantly enhance your performance and increase your chances of winning. Remember to stay cool, adapt to your support, and be aware of the enemy's mistakes and win conditions. By doing so, you'll not only improve your skills as an ADC but also find climbing the ranked ladder to be a less frustrating and more rewarding experience.


What should I do when paired with a bad support?

Staying cool and adapting your playstyle to match your support's strengths can make a difference. Remember that the enemy ADC is likely facing similar challenges.

Is it essential to diversify my champion pool?

Diversifying your champion pool can be beneficial, especially when facing challenging team compositions. Consider picking mages, tanks, or bruisers to adapt to different situations.

How can I punish mistakes made by enemy ADCs effectively?

Capitalize on bad positioning, poor wave management, or unfavorable trades made by enemy ADCs. Punishing these mistakes can swing the lane in your favor and give you a significant advantage.

Should I duel with enemy champions as an ADC?

Assess the threat levels of enemy champions by checking their items and cooldowns. Sometimes, even when behind, you might find opportunities to take favorable trades and outplay your opponents.

Where can I find more comprehensive guides to improve as an ADC?

ModLegends offers the world's best courses to help ADC players climb the ranked ladder quickly and efficiently. Their guides cater specifically to lower ELO players, providing valuable insights to improve your gameplay.

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