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10 Most Broken BOT LANE Combos in League of Legends

10 Most Broken BOT LANE Combos in League of Legends

Are you ready to dominate your opponents in the bot lane and secure that easy ELO gain? With the start of the new ranked season, it's crucial to have a strong advantage over your adversaries. In this article, we're going to delve into ten exceptional champion combinations that will give you the upper hand and ensure your success on the Rift.

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1. Misfortune and Rel: Unleash the Chain CC

Starting off strong, the Misfortune and Rel combo is a force to be reckoned with. These two champions are currently at the top of the meta and their synergy is outstanding. Rel's level 6 chain CC combo perfectly sets up Misfortune's ultimate, allowing you to maximize damage and secure kills. Coordinate closely with your partner, ensuring perfect timing for optimal burst damage. This powerful duo is ideal for players looking for a high kill threat lane that's also relatively easy to execute.

2. Ashe and Zilean: Empower Your ADC

Ashes's lack of gap-closing abilities can make her vulnerable, but when paired with Zilean, her weaknesses become strengths. Zilean's movement speed boosts synergize exceptionally well with Ashe's kiting potential. The level 6 potential of this combo is immense – Ashe's arrow followed by Zilean's double bombs guarantees kills and secures your lane dominance. With strong pre-6 poking power and fantastic mid-game potential, this combo is perfect for those seeking a supportive yet aggressive approach.

3. Karthus and Senna: Unconventional yet Potent

Prepare to shake up the bot lane with the unique yet powerful combo of Karthus and Senna. Although off-meta, these two champions have an incredible win rate when played together. Their laning power is remarkable, often allowing them to secure a level 2 advantage over opponents. The synergy between Karthus and Senna's global presence is another strong point – picking off low-health enemies becomes much easier. Embrace the unexpected and unleash the devastating potential of this duo.

4. Neeko and Taric: Dive and Dominate

For those who love aggressive plays, the Neeko and Taric combo is a match made in heaven. Taric's crowd control synergizes exceptionally well with Neeko's all-in playstyle. Level 6 dive plays are a key feature of this combo, capitalizing on Taric's ultimate invulnerability to secure kills. Pre-6, the duo still packs a punch, making it a versatile choice that excels when you're on the same page with your partner.

5. Ezreal and Heimerdinger: Push and Poke

Want to make your enemies' lives miserable? The Ezreal and Heimerdinger combo excels at dominating the lane. Use Heimerdinger's turrets and Ezreal's Q to control the wave and poke your opponents relentlessly. Capitalize on Ezreal's ability to kite and position well, and you'll secure a CS advantage and a strong mid-game presence. This combo is perfect for players who want to dictate the pace of the lane and apply constant pressure.

6. Kai'Sa and Alistar: Explosive Skirmishing

Prepare for intense skirmishes with the Kai'Sa and Alistar combo. Alistar's crowd control plays into Kai'Sa's passive stacking, allowing her to unleash her ultimate and burst enemies down. Whether you're engaging or peeling, this combo adapts well to different game situations. Coordination is key, making it a great choice for players who communicate well and want to make the most of each skirmish.

7. Vayne and Janna: Scaling to Victory

Vayne's scaling potential shines when paired with Janna, a supportive enchanter. Janna's peel tools provide an extra layer of safety, allowing Vayne to make the occasional mistake without being punished. While pre-6 isn't incredibly aggressive, focus on farming and scaling well for a powerful mid and late game. If you're looking for a reliable and scaling-oriented duo, Vayne and Janna are your go-to.

8. Xayah and Rakan: Perfect Synergy

Xayah and Rakan, a classic and proven duo, excel at all stages of the game. Their level 2 all-in potential is strong, and their synergy only grows as the game progresses. Rakan's initiation sets up Xayah's burst damage, while Xayah's root allows Rakan to follow up with ease. Both can adapt to different situations, making them a versatile choice for players who want to be aggressive and control the pace of the lane.

9. Draven and Thresh: Flashy and Aggressive

For those who love flashy plays, the Draven and Thresh combo is an excellent pick. Thresh's hook followed by Draven's burst damage from his spinning axes guarantees kills and creates early game pressure. Focus on capitalizing on your level 2 power spike to secure an advantage. While this combo may taper off a bit in the late game, their strong early presence can secure an advantage that carries you to victory.

10. Samira and Nautilus: Skirmishing Specialists

Last but not least, the Samira and Nautilus combo thrives on skirmishes and 2v3 scenarios. Samira's passive stacking pairs perfectly with Nautilus's crowd control, allowing her to unleash her ultimate and burst enemies down. Coordinate closely with your partner, focusing on engaging when Samira has her ultimate ready. This combo shines in scenarios where quick and aggressive plays are necessary.


With these ten powerful champion combinations, you're well-equipped to dominate the bot lane and secure that coveted ELO gain. Each combo offers unique strengths and synergies, allowing you to tailor your playstyle to your preferences. Whether you're a fan of aggressive all-ins or scaling for late-game power, there's a combo here for you. So, gear up, coordinate with your partner, and get ready to reign supreme on the Rift.


What are some bot lane champion combos that provide a strong advantage?

There are several potent bot lane combos discussed in the article. Some of them include Misfortune and Rel, Ashe and Zilean, Karthus and Senna, Neeko and Taric, Ezreal and Heimerdinger, Kai'Sa and Alistar, Vayne and Janna, Xayah and Rakan, Draven and Thresh, and Samira and Nautilus.

Which combo is known for its exceptional level 6 synergy?

The Misfortune and Rel combo showcases outstanding level 6 synergy. Rel's chain CC combo sets up Misfortune's ultimate perfectly, leading to maximum damage and kill potential.

Are there any unconventional yet powerful bot lane combos?

Yes, the article introduces the Karthus and Senna combo as an unconventional yet potent choice. Their strong laning power and global presence make them a formidable duo that can surprise opponents.

Which bot lane combo excels at dominating through aggressive poking?

The Ezreal and Heimerdinger combo is exceptional at dominating through aggressive poking. Heimerdinger's turrets and Ezreal's Q are used to control the wave and poke opponents, securing a strong lane presence.

Which combo focuses on dominating skirmishes and 2v3 situations?

The Samira and Nautilus combo excels at dominating skirmishes and 2v3 scenarios. Samira's passive stacking synergizes well with Nautilus's crowd control, making it a deadly combo in tight situations.

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