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5 Tips to Instantly Improve Your Macro in League of Legends

Enhance your League of Legends macro play with 5 instant tips. Level up your game strategy effectively.
5 Tips to Instantly Improve Your Macro in League of Legends

Hey, what's going on Summoners? My name is Saurabh Kumar, and today we're going to be taking a look at 5 tips that will instantly improve your macro play in League of Legends. Macro is a crucial aspect of the game that involves strategic decision-making and map control. While securing kills can make winning games easier, it's equally important to have solid macro play to set yourself up for success and carry games through map control and shot calling. So let's not waste any more time and dive right into these essential tips.

1. Properly Setting up Objectives

A lot of players neglect to think about objectives until they spawn, but the key to successful macro play is planning ahead. Dragon, Baron, and Rift Herald should not be contested as they spawn unless it's part of your strategy. Instead, focus on controlling the area and setting yourself and your team up for success. Consider factors like team strength, rotations, wave control, and whether the objective is worth fighting for. Communicate with your team and secure vision before the objective spawns to ensure a smooth execution.

2. Mastering Lane Assignments

During the mid-game, many players become lost once the laning phase ends, leading to aimless roaming. Instead of clumping in the mid lane, adopt lane assignments that maximize your team's efficiency. Top laners should split push opposite to the main objective or teleport to the fight when necessary. Tank players should assist allies with objectives or prepare to teleport for crucial team fights. Junglers need to adjust their clear paths and position themselves according to the main objective. Mid laners should be on the same side as the objective, unless they have teleport available. ADC and support should rotate together to take turrets in side lanes.

3. Understanding the Importance of Pressure

Pressure plays a pivotal role in macro play. Every action on the map generates pressure, and understanding how to play around it is vital. For example, if the enemy team sends multiple players to deal with a split pusher, they sacrifice control on the opposite side of the map. Recognize the cost and benefit of each play and always look for opportunities to trade on the map. Don't let the enemy get away with free objectives or plays; instead, guide your team to create pressure and capitalize on enemy decisions.

4. Shot Calling and Communicating with Your Team

Being a shot caller for your team can be daunting, but it significantly increases your chances of winning games. Use pings and clear communication to call out objectives and rotations. Guide your teammates on what lanes to be in and what objectives to prioritize. However, it's essential to maintain composure and avoid emotional decisions. Play logically, consider your team's strength, and make strategic plays based on information and teamwork.

5. Developing Mini Map Awareness

A critical aspect of macro play is having excellent mini map awareness. High-ranking players consistently check the map to gather information on enemy movements, wave states, and vision control. Train yourself to glance at the map every few seconds. Start with a metronome or sound every 15 seconds and gradually reduce the time until it becomes a habit. Improved map awareness will give you valuable information to make better decisions and anticipate enemy moves.


Improving your macro play is a continuous journey that requires patience, discipline, and practice. By following these five essential tips, you can elevate your game and become a more effective player in League of Legends. Remember to plan ahead for objectives, master lane assignments, understand pressure, communicate with your team, and develop mini map awareness. With a well-honed macro game, you can set yourself up for success and lead your team to victory.


How can I improve my map awareness in League of Legends?

Training your map awareness requires practice and discipline. Start by using a metronome or sound reminder every 15 seconds to check the map, gradually reducing the time until it becomes a habit to glance at the map regularly.

What should I prioritize as a jungler during macro play?

As a jungler, your main focus is to assist your lanes, control your jungle, and secure objectives when they spawn. Be aware of the main objective and adjust your clear path accordingly to be on the right side of the map.

How can I become an effective shot caller for my team?

Effective shot calling requires clear communication, pings, and logical decision-making. Guide your team on lane assignments, objectives, and rotations. Stay composed and avoid making emotional decisions.

Why is pressure crucial in macro play?

Pressure creates opportunities and forces the enemy to respond. Understand the cost and benefit of each play and look for opportunities to trade effectively on the map.

How do I properly set up objectives with my team?

Plan ahead for objectives by securing vision and controlling the area before they spawn. Consider team strength, rotations, and wave control. Communicate with your team and execute your strategy together.

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