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Top 20 New META Champions to MAIN in PATCH 13.15

Top 20 New META Champions to MAIN in PATCH 13.15

In the ever-evolving world of competitive online gaming, staying ahead of the meta is essential for success. In patch 13.15, there are several champions across different roles that are poised to dominate the game. Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting out, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of these champions can give you a significant edge. Let's dive into the top champions to watch out for in the upcoming patch.

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Top Lane Dominance


Aatrox, the darkin blade master, is set to maintain his dominance in the top lane. Despite some adjustments to his abilities, his overall impact remains strong. Players can still count on his remarkable sustain and lane presence. Whether you opt for a teleport or ignite strategy, Aatrox's kit allows for versatility, making him a solid choice for both scaling and aggressive playstyles.


Fiora, the grand duelist, continues to shine in the top lane. With no nerfs in sight for patch 13.15, she maintains her status as a powerful pick. Her true damage and split-pushing capabilities make her a strong choice for players who enjoy playing aggressively and taking control of the top lane.


Malphite, the shard of the Monolith, thrives as a counterpick against AD and attack speed-based champions. Despite the recent adjustments, Malphite's ability to disrupt and dominate the laning phase remains unchanged. With his strong initiation potential, he's a reliable choice for players looking to control team fights and shut down enemy carries.


Olaf, the berserker, has risen in popularity due to recent changes. With extended duration on his ghost, he's a formidable force in the top lane. His ability to chase down opponents, coupled with his sustain and powerful laning presence, makes him a top-tier choice for those who enjoy aggressive playstyles.

Jungle Powerhouses


Kha'Zix, the voidreaver, remains a dominant force in the jungle. His synergy with items like Duskblade of Draktharr is unparalleled, allowing him to assassinate enemies with ease. Despite potential counters like Rengar and Rek'Sai, Kha'Zix's burst damage and isolation mechanic make him a potent choice for players who enjoy high-risk, high-reward playstyles.


Kindred, the eternal hunters, stand out as a versatile jungle pick. Recent buffs to her base armor and movement speed have further solidified her position. Her ability to scale into the late game and excel in team fights makes her an attractive option for players who prefer a balanced playstyle between aggression and utility.


Nidalee, the bestial huntress, has received substantial buffs in patch 13.15, cementing her status as a jungle powerhouse. Her base armor, armor growth rate, and movement speed adjustments make her more resilient and mobile. Her exceptional early-game pressure and range allow for efficient counter-jungling and gank potential.


Rengar, the pridestalker, continues to maintain his strength despite past adjustments. With the synergies provided by Duskblade of Draktharr and recent changes to his kit, Rengar excels at taking down unsuspecting enemies. His ability to quickly eliminate high-priority targets and control the map makes him a menacing pick for players who enjoy ambush tactics.

Mid Lane Brilliance


LeBlanc, the deceptive assassin, remains a force to be reckoned with in the mid lane. Her combination of mobility, burst damage, and crowd control make her a strong pick. The utilization of Fleet Footwork and items like Statikk Shiv and Night Harvester enhance her potential to dominate the lane and roam effectively.


Lissandra, the frosty enchantress, shines as a counterpick against assassins and engage champions. Recent buffs to her Q's slow effect and ultimate's self-healing make her more robust in fights. Her ability to initiate team fights and disrupt enemy carries solidifies her place as a reliable choice for players who value crowd control and utility.


Yone, the unforgotten spirit, remains a versatile mid lane champion. His high mobility, mixed damage output, and strong trading potential make him a consistent pick. Yone's ability to capitalize on aggressive plays and transition into late-game scaling suits players who enjoy a well-rounded approach to the mid lane.

Bot Lane Domination


Ashe, the frost archer, embraces her dominance in the bot lane. With her synergy with Trinity Force and items like Kraken Slayer, she excels at dealing consistent damage and providing utility. Her ability to engage with Enchanted Crystal Arrow and kite enemies makes her a valuable asset for players who prioritize objective control and utility.


Draven, the glorious executioner, maintains his strength as a powerful bot lane choice. His interaction with Trinity Force and Infinity Edge enhances his damage potential. Draven's unique mechanics and snowballing playstyle appeal to players who seek early-game aggression and the thrill of cashing in on his passive.


Ezreal, the prodigal explorer, continues to shine as a versatile bot lane option. His synergy with Trinity Force and the new Infinity Edge grants him exceptional scaling potential. Ezreal's safety and poke-oriented playstyle cater to players who enjoy playing from a distance and providing consistent damage output.


Kai'Sa, the void's daughter, remains a potent force in the bot lane. Her hybrid damage, mobility, and ability to adapt her build make her a versatile pick. Recent buffs to her AP scaling and ultimate's cooldown reduction provide her with more options for burst damage and survivability.

Support Mastery


Rakan, the charismatic enchanter, stands as a reliable support choice. His engage potential, healing, and crowd control make him a strong pick in any composition. Rakan's ability to initiate fights and provide utility aligns well with players who enjoy enabling their team's success.


Rell, the iron maiden, maintains her strength as a reliable support option. Despite recent nerfs, her crowd control and tankiness continue to make her a valuable asset. Rell excels in disrupting enemy engages and protecting her allies, appealing to players who prioritize team coordination and durability.


Lulu, the fae sorceress, continues to shine as a versatile support option. Her ability to provide shields, crowd control, and enhance her allies' damage output make her a well-rounded choice. Lulu's polymorph and ultimate can greatly impact team fights, appealing to players who enjoy a mix of utility and aggression in their support playstyle.


Soraka, the starchild, maintains her strength as a supportive force in the bot lane. Despite potential nerfs, her healing capabilities and utility remain crucial for team sustainability. Soraka's ability to keep her allies healthy and provide global assistance with her ultimate makes her a valuable asset for players who prioritize keeping their team alive and well.


Thresh, the chain warden, remains a top-tier support pick due to his exceptional utility and engage potential. Despite his high skill ceiling, players who master his mechanics are rewarded with strong crowd control, peel, and pick potential. Thresh's ability to dictate the pace of team fights and create opportunities aligns well with players who value strategic play.

As you prepare for the upcoming patch 13.15, consider incorporating these powerhouse champions into your gameplay. Each champion offers unique strengths that can elevate your performance and contribute to your team's success. Whether you prefer aggressive engages, precise dueling, or versatile utility, there's a champion for every playstyle. Embrace the meta, master your chosen champions, and dominate the Rift. Good luck, and may your victories be plentiful!

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