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Best and Worst Roles to Carry With in League of Legends

Best and Worst Roles to Carry With in League of Legends


In League of Legends, every role plays a crucial part in the game, but not all roles are equally balanced when it comes to carrying. While some roles have the power to influence the game significantly, others may struggle to make a substantial impact. In this article, we will explore the best and worst roles to carry with and delve into the strengths and weaknesses of each role. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a new player, understanding these roles can help you make more informed decisions on the Rift.

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Jungle: The King of Carrying

It's no surprise that the Jungle claims the throne as the best role to carry with in League of Legends. Junglers possess the unique ability to secure objectives for their team and impact every lane on the map. While laners have one jungler to play around, the jungler has three different lanes to work with, making them highly influential in shaping the game's outcome.

Junglers can secure early Heralds, providing massive snowball potential for their allies. Moreover, dragons, although not as dominant as they were before, still play a crucial role in deciding the late-game win condition. Junglers' objective control and map presence make them the prime candidates for carrying games. However, this immense power comes with the responsibility of constant performance and can lead to harsh criticism from teammates.

Mid Lane: Versatility and Map Impact

Taking the second spot, the Mid Lane offers a plethora of champions and playstyles. From control mages to assassins, the Mid Lane provides a role for everyone's preferences. Mid laners can impact the map by roaming to help their allies after clearing their waves. Their central location allows them to set up vision, catch enemies off guard, and provide the fastest rotations in most cases. They also contribute significantly to objective control, making them a valuable asset to the team.

Support: The Unsung Heroes

Often underestimated, the Support role plays a pivotal role in vision control and protecting the team. With powerful utility kits, supports can peel for and empower allies while disrupting the enemy team. They can carry games through strategic vision control, enabling secure dragons and barons. Additionally, some supports can dish out significant damage during team fights, making them a force to be reckoned with.

Top Lane: Generating Pressure

As the pressure generators, Top Laners focus on creating space for their team and can be critical in split-pushing strategies. They offer versatility in champion picks, allowing them to fill roles needed to round out the team composition. Top laners can act as strong frontlines or carry threats, depending on their champion choices. Their ability to apply pressure to lanes and objectives makes them crucial assets to any team.

ADC: High Damage, High Risk

Finally, the ADC role boasts high damage output and domination in team fights, especially in competitive play. However, in solo queue, ADCs may face challenges in reaching their power spikes due to the chaotic nature of games. ADCs rely heavily on the support and jungle roles to protect them during the laning phase, making them susceptible to early aggression from opponents. Though potent late-game, ADCs require strong team support to excel, making them one of the roles with the highest risk factor.


In conclusion, each role in League of Legends offers unique strengths and weaknesses when it comes to carrying games. Junglers lead the pack with their objective control and map presence, followed closely by the versatile Mid Lane. Support players are the unsung heroes, providing essential utility and vision control. Top laners focus on generating pressure, while ADCs unleash high damage in team fights with a high risk factor.

League of Legends remains a dynamic game, and the best role to carry with may change over time due to meta shifts and gameplay adjustments. Ultimately, mastering any role requires skill, teamwork, and adaptability to make a significant impact on the Rift.


What is the best role to carry with in League of Legends?

The Jungle role is widely considered the best role to carry with, thanks to its ability to secure objectives and impact every lane on the map.

Which role offers the most versatility in champion picks?

The Mid Lane role offers the most versatility in champion picks, with options ranging from control mages to assassins and everything in between.

Why is the Support role crucial in League of Legends?

The Support role is crucial for vision control, protecting the team, and enabling secure objectives such as dragons and barons.

How can Top Laners impact the game?

Top Laners can generate pressure by creating space for their team and participating in split-pushing strategies, forcing the enemy team to respond to their actions.

What are the challenges faced by ADC players?

ADC players face challenges in reaching their power spikes due to the chaotic nature of solo queue games and their dependence on support and jungle protection during the laning phase.

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