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10 Tricks That EVERY Pro Player ABUSES in League of Legends (LoL)

10 Tricks That EVERY Pro Player ABUSES in League of Legends (LoL)


Hello Summoners and welcome to another ModLegends Guide! In today's article, we'll be discussing 10 tricks that professional players frequently use to gain an edge in their games. These tricks are not about crazy mechanics but rather about game knowledge and know-how, allowing you to apply them immediately. Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting your journey in League of Legends, these tricks will help you elevate your gameplay and dominate the Rift. Now, let's get started with the tricks!

Trick 1: The Cheater Recall

The Cheater Recall
One of the most well-known tricks in League of Legends is the Cheater Recall. This technique allows you to give yourself an advantage in lane with minimal risk. Normally, when you want to reset, you hard shove the wave and quickly return to base. However, with the Cheater Recall, you slow push the first two waves, then clear them rapidly when the third wave arrives. By doing so, you stack up a massive wave that crashes into the enemy turret. You can then recall, buy items, and return to lane without missing much CS.

What makes the Cheater Recall even more powerful is that your opponent cannot reciprocate this strategy. The wave will bounce back towards you, forcing your opponent to stay in lane. This grants you a significant item advantage, even a single long sword or amplifying tome can make a huge difference in the early levels of the game.

When to execute a Cheater Recall? While it can be done at any time, the most impactful Cheater Recall is during the first three waves of minions in the game. Starting your lane phase with a free recall sets you up for success.

Trick 2: Slow Pushing in the Mid to Late Game

Slow Pushing in the Mid to Late Game
Many players neglect wave management in the mid to late game, but slow pushing can be a game-changer if done correctly. Slow pushing involves generating a massive stacked wave and then deciding how to leverage it to gain an advantage. There are two main approaches:
  • The first is to generate the stacked wave and rotate to another lane to apply pressure. This forces the enemy team to respond to the incoming wave and creates opportunities for your team to secure objectives or engage in favorable fights elsewhere on the map.
  • The second approach is to slow push a wave and then group with your team to siege a turret. The stacked wave will naturally push towards the enemy turret, forcing the enemy team to send someone to deal with it. This creates a numbers advantage for your team, allowing for easier turret dives or objective captures.
Remember to coordinate with your team and communicate your intentions when executing slow pushes. It's important to have vision control and map awareness to ensure that you're not caught out while generating the wave or rotating to another lane.

Trick 3: Strategic Ward Placement at Level 1

Warding at level 1 can provide valuable information and set you up for success in the early game. Instead of simply placing wards in river brushes or your own jungle, consider strategic ward placements that can catch the enemy off guard.

For example, placing a ward near the enemy buff or in the enemy jungle entrance can give you insight into the enemy jungler's starting path and potential gank routes. This information allows you to make informed decisions about your own positioning and play more safely or aggressively based on the enemy jungler's location.

Additionally, consider placing deep wards in the enemy jungle to track the jungler's movements throughout the early game. This provides your team with valuable information, allowing for counterjungling, safer plays, and better objective control.

Remember to coordinate with your team and prioritize vision control in key areas of the map. Vision denial is equally important, so consider investing in control wards and clearing out enemy wards to maintain control over crucial areas.

Trick 4: Surprise Level 6 Engage

Level 6 is a significant power spike for many champions, and using it to your advantage can catch your opponents off guard. Instead of immediately engaging when you hit level 6, consider using the element of surprise to secure a kill or force a summoner spell.

Before reaching level 6, play more passively and avoid showing any signs of aggression. Then, as soon as you hit level 6, quickly assess the situation and look for an opportunity to engage. The sudden burst of power and the surprise factor can often lead to successful trades or even kills.

Communication with your lane partner is crucial for executing this trick effectively. Let them know your plan and coordinate your engage to maximize its impact. Timing is key, so be patient and wait for the right moment to strike.

Trick 5: Warding Over Walls for Better Vision

Warding is an essential aspect of League of Legends, but sometimes it can be challenging to get vision in certain areas, especially when facing enemy champions or structures. However, there are tricks to overcome these obstacles and gain better vision control.

One effective technique is warding over walls. By utilizing the maximum range of your ward, you can place it over walls to gain vision of important areas without risking face-checking or walking into dangerous territory. This is particularly useful for securing objectives like Dragon or Baron Nashor, as well as providing advanced vision in enemy jungle or key bushes.

To ward over walls, position yourself close to the wall and aim your cursor slightly beyond it. Then, quickly place the ward before the wall obstructs your vision. With practice, you'll become more proficient at warding over walls, giving you an advantage in map awareness and objective control.

Trick 6: Mastering Orb Walking for Improved Kiting

Orb walking, also known as attack-move or stutter-stepping, is a technique that allows you to maximize your champion's attack speed while maintaining good positioning and mobility. Mastering this technique can greatly improve your kiting abilities and make you a more effective damage dealer in team fights.

To orb walk, issue an attack command on your target, then immediately move your champion a short distance before the attack animation completes. By repeating this process, you can constantly reposition yourself while dealing damage, making it more difficult for enemies to retaliate.

Orb walking is particularly useful for ranged champions or those with high attack speed. It allows you to maintain a safe distance from melee opponents while dealing consistent damage. Additionally, it helps you navigate through skillshots and dodge incoming abilities more effectively.

Practicing orb walking in custom games or against AI opponents can help you improve your mechanics and become more proficient at kiting in real matches.

Trick 7: Positioning near Bushes for Safe Harass

Bushes play a significant role in League of Legends, providing both vision control and opportunities for surprise engagements. However, they can also be used strategically for safe harass. By positioning yourself near a bush before initiating a trade or poking the enemy, you gain an advantage.

When you're near a bush, your opponent will have limited vision of you. This means they'll have a harder time retaliating with skillshots or targeted abilities. After delivering your attack or spell, you can quickly retreat into the bush, denying your opponent the chance to counter-attack effectively.

This trick works well in lane phases, especially in the bottom or top lanes where brushes are abundant. Make sure to utilize your warding trinket or control wards to ensure there are no enemy wards in the brush you plan to use. This way, you can keep your harass safe and potentially force your opponent out of lane or secure a kill.

Trick 8: Spell Buffering for Tactical Advantage

Spell buffering is a technique that allows you to cast abilities more efficiently, gaining a tactical advantage in various situations. By inputting commands while an ability is on cooldown or during its cast animation, you can queue up the ability to activate as soon as it becomes available.

For example, if you're playing an ability-based champion with a stun or snare, you can buffer the ability's cast during the animation of another ability. This allows you to chain your crowd control effects seamlessly, catching your opponents off guard and reducing their reaction time.

Additionally, spell buffering can be used for mobility spells to quickly escape dangerous situations or engage on enemies. By buffering your dash or blink ability, you can instantly respond to threats or capitalize on openings in the enemy team's positioning.

Practice timing and coordination to master spell buffering. It requires precise inputs and an understanding of ability animations, but once you get the hang of it, you'll have a significant advantage in terms of speed and efficiency.

Trick 9: Denying Minions with Turret

In the early game, denying minions to your opponent can set them back significantly and give you a gold and experience advantage. One effective way to deny minions is by using the turret to your advantage.

To deny minions with the turret, you need to understand its aggro mechanics. Turrets prioritize targeting enemy minions over champions, so if you want to deny a minion, you can allow the turret to hit it once and then last hit it yourself. This way, your opponent won't receive the gold or experience from that minion.

Timing is crucial when executing this trick. You need to calculate the turret's damage and plan your last hits accordingly. It requires practice to ensure that you don't miss the last hits or take unnecessary turret shots while denying minions.

By denying minions with the turret, you can slowly create a gold and experience lead for yourself, putting your opponent at a disadvantage and making it harder for them to scale and impact the game.

Trick 10: Playing Around Winning Teammates

In League of Legends, it's essential to recognize who on your team is doing well and playing around them to maximize your chances of winning. When a teammate is ahead and performing exceptionally, it's crucial to support them and enable their success.

Playing around winning teammates involves various aspects, such as prioritizing objectives in their vicinity, providing vision control to keep them safe, and coordinating with them for effective engages or split pushing. By funneling resources and attention towards your winning teammate, you can snowball their lead and secure victory.

Additionally, when a teammate is carrying, it's essential to adjust your playstyle accordingly. Consider playing more defensively or providing peel and protection for your carry, ensuring they can dish out damage and carry the team in team fights.

Remember, communication is key in playing around winning teammates. Coordinate with them through pings, chat, or voice communication to synchronize your efforts and make the most out of their lead.


Congratulations! You've learned ten tricks that professionals frequently utilize to gain an advantage in their games. These tricks cover a range of aspects, from laning phase strategies to advanced mechanics. By incorporating these tricks into your gameplay, you can level up your skills and increase your chances of success on the Rift.

Remember, mastering these tricks requires practice, so don't be discouraged if you don't see immediate results. Keep playing, experimenting, and refining your techniques. Over time, you'll become more proficient, and these tricks will become second nature to you.

Good luck on your journey to becoming a better player, and we'll see you on the Rift!


Can these tricks be used in any role?

Most of these tricks are applicable to all roles in League of Legends. However, some may be more relevant or easier to execute in certain roles. Adapt the tricks to your specific role and champion to maximize their effectiveness.

Are these tricks suitable for beginners?

While some tricks may require more experience and mechanical skill, beginners can still benefit from understanding and learning these concepts. Start by incorporating the simpler tricks into your gameplay and gradually work your way up as you become more comfortable with the game.

Can these tricks be applied in professional play?

Yes, many of these tricks are utilized by professional players in competitive matches. However, keep in mind that professional play involves highly coordinated teams and specific strategies, so adjustments may be necessary for individual use.

How long does it take to master these tricks?

The time it takes to master these tricks varies from player to player. It depends on factors such as your experience, practice time, and ability to adapt. Continuously practicing and applying these tricks will help you improve and eventually master them.

Are these tricks applicable to all champions?

While most tricks can be applied to any champion, certain tricks may be more effective or relevant for specific champions. Consider the strengths and weaknesses of your champion and adjust the tricks accordingly for optimal results.

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